19 Jul

Garage Floor Options 101

Nowadays, the garage is being used for more than just a car park. It has become a storage area for unused items and a workshop for tasks like woodwork, car repairs, and more. So, when it comes to garage floor options, plain concrete just won’t do. Although durable, concrete could acquire some cracks, dents, and holes from impact, foot and car traffic, spilled chemicals, grease, and oil. So, what are your options?

garage floor epoxy Seattle WAGarage Floor Epoxy

An epoxy floor coating comes highly recommended because it extends the durability of concrete and protects the slab from further damage. Although it is easy to epoxy garage floors, it is still advisable to let a licensed contractor do it. Improper installation could make the coating weak and vulnerable to damage. More than a coating, the epoxy also acts as a concrete crack sealer for small, hairline cracks, making it an ideal concrete repair option.

polyurea polyaspartic garage Seattle WAPolyurea Polyaspartic Coating

Another tough garage floor sealer is polyurea polyaspartic. It is similar to epoxy but it dries faster. Its fast-drying feature is one reason why it is a popular option for industrial and commercial garages, dealerships, or showrooms. Business owners would not want to close shop for several days just for a floor remodeling project. Polyurea provides an appropriate solution by drying into a functional surface in just a day.

vinyl tileVinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl Composition Tile, or VCT, is a popular flooring material for garages even though it was not designed for such use. Vinyl is often used in commercial flooring, kitchens, and other floors. The reason why a lot of homeowners use it in the garage is that it is very cheap and it comes in various colors and designs. If it gets damaged, replacing it with a new batch is fast and affordable. Vinyl is a thin material that is vulnerable to weight, scratches, impact, and most types of damage. It is quite slippery when wet and can acquire damage when exposed to water or chemicals.

rubber roll out matsRubber Roll-out Mats

If you want something temporary, rubber mats are good options. It can be bought by yard or meter and it comes in a variety of color and patterns. The surface of a roll-out mat is textured for enhanced grip. This, however, has the tendency to wrinkle and wave, making the surface unleveled. When this happens, the mat needs to be replaced with a new one.

28 Jun

5 Ways to Revamp Your Business Space

The first time you set up your business space, everything is cool and interesting. However, as time goes by, everything goes old and boring. Customers can get tired of how a store looks so it is important to update it when possible. Here are easy ways you can revamp the look and function of your commercial space:

stained commercial floor SeattleUpdate the Commercial Flooring

Commercial concrete floors can get weak and damaged especially if a store gets heavy foot traffic. One quick and economical way you can update it is with decorative commercial concrete resurfacing coatings and overlays, such as stamped overlays, concrete stains, and epoxy, to name a few. These are durable, economical, and highly aesthetic.

commercial space lighting fixtureChoose Better Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is very important in a business space. Depending on the type of business, the lighting fixtures should go with the overall theme. While the design is a top priority, it is crucial to choose lighting that provides ample light without consuming too much energy. Also, choose fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain.

commercial space decor designUpgrade Decor and Design

This does not even have to be something big and detailed. Give the walls a fresh layer of paint or change the decor hanging on the walls. You may also rearrange the furniture or display shelves to give the room a new look. Customers love it when a business updates their decor. It gives them something new to experience and it gives them the impression that they are visiting a store for the first time.

commercial space chairsChoose Comfortable Furniture

Most types of businesses have furniture. Changing the chairs and tables can immediately revamp a commercial space. It is important to think about your customers when choosing furniture. Will it be visually stimulating to them? Will it be comfortable enough to make them want to stay longer? It is also crucial to choose furniture that is tough as nails and those that require minimal maintenance.

commercial space techTrust Technology

Technology is making everything easier and more convenient nowadays. So, why not tech up your commercial space? For example, if you have a restaurant, why not let servers use touch screen tablets to take customer orders? This way, the order goes directly to the cashier and kitchen staff. Another would be using interactive kiosks that customers can use for simple services and products. With the numerous advances nowadays, the possibilities of revamping the commercial space are endless.

26 May

3 Concrete Resurfacing Options for Patio

A patio is a paved outdoor space where family and friends can gather, hang out, and relax. It is but natural to want it looking stunning all the time. Not only will that increase the appeal of your home, it would also increase the value of the property itself. When it comes to a concrete patio surface, there is a more economical option than natural stone, brick, or pavers. Decorative concrete became hugely popular because it encouraged the restoration of existing concrete slabs. Concrete repair used to be ugly and disappointing but that has changed. If you are interested in resurfacing your concrete patio, here are options you might want to consider.

Stamped Concrete Overlay

This overlay is probably one of the most popular concrete resurfacing options for patios nowadays. It is highly decorative, with the number of available patterns and designs to choose from. It can even mimic real stone, brick, and other high-end paving materials. This overlay, although applied thinly, is durable enough to last a long time. The stamping can be done on the whole patio or just in chosen sections such as borders, edges, or to highlight certain areas. Some popular patterns include:

  • Ashlar
  • Fractured Slate
  • Flagstone
  • European Fan
  • Cobblestone
  • Running Brick
  • Basketweave
  • stamped concrete patio Seattle

Stained Concrete

Concrete staining is one of the simplest yet stunning ways you could enhance a concrete patio. This can be applied directly on the surface, as long as there is no damage, or on an overlay or coating. Acid stains produce random effects and interesting shades of a chosen color. These are caused by the stain’s chemical reaction with the concrete’s lime content. Water-based stains, on the other hand, create more uniform colors. This is highly recommended for designs that involve specific graphics or images.

spray knockdown finish patio Seattle

Spray Knockdown Finish

This is an acrylic concrete coating that features a spray system instead of the typical roller brush method. Think of a stucco drywall but on a concrete patio. The coating is loaded into a hopper gun, sprayed on the concrete surface, and then manually knocked down with a trowel. This creates a knockdown texture that looks stunning and is absolutely slip-resistant. Another interesting feature of this spray texture coating is that it maintains a cool temperature despite long exposure to sunlight. Although it comes in a variety of colors, it can also be customized with concrete stains, if desired.

stained concrete patio Seattle

03 May

Why Hire a Professional Concrete Contractor?

in action Seattle WAA lot of people enjoy do-it-yourself projects. However, there are certain projects that are better left to professionals. Decorative concrete, for example, requires careful planning, measurements, and application. Doing it yourself, there are risks involved. If you make a mistake, you would have to redo the whole thing and this can be expensive. If you want something cost-effective, hire a professional concrete contractor. Here are good reasons why:

Knowledge of Concrete

Pros are trained to handle concrete. They know good quality cement when they see one. They know what is concrete is good for, where it would work best, and how it should be properly used. They are also trained to evaluate existing concrete floors, knowing if those are still eligible for a stamped concrete overlay or some other coating. They are also knowledgeable in the types of concrete damage and the appropriate repairs for each one.

Proper Mixing and Preparation

Concrete is a versatile material but before it hardens into a durable floor, it needs to be mixed and prepared properly. To some, it is just mixing concrete powder and water, but to a pro, the ratio of how much concrete and how much water is a big deal. If mixed with the wrong ratio, the concrete could be weak and easily damaged.

Proper Levelling and Application

Concrete is easy to handle when wet. However, once it hardens, it can be difficult to fix. Floors need to be leveled properly to prevent water from puddling. This is done while the concrete is still wet and it can be tricky if you are not trained and experienced. As for imprinting patterns, a pro works fast and stamps the concrete well enough before it dries. Even concrete staining requires great skill, especially if it calls for hand-staining.

Appropriate Tools and Equipment

From preparation to the application, the tools used will help determine the results. It’s not enough to have the exact tools required for concrete stamping or applying an overlay. You must also have the skill and expertise to use it efficiently.


Experience, they say, is the best teacher. In the remodeling industry, it truly is. There are things you don’t learn in training but learn during application. Professional contractors with years of experience have more knowledge, improved skills, and a better understanding of decorative concrete than they did when they first trained for decorative concrete solutions.

27 Apr

Stamped Concrete Patterns for Driveway Makeover

concrete stamping SeattleStamped Concrete Patterns for Driveways

Decorative concrete resurfacing is one economical way you could repair or enhance yours. It offers a stamped concrete overlay option that offers a variety of stunning patterns to choose from, such as:

  • Slate
  • Cobblestone
  • Herringbone Brick
  • Basketweave Brick
  • Ashlar
  • European Fan
  • Running Bond Brick
  • Flagstone
  • And more

If you want a customized look, you should consult a local contractor to help you decide on a pattern. This will also help them determine if a special stamp mat can be made or if it requires manual scoring or carving. You may also incorporate two patterns on a driveway. These can either be in alternating sections or you could use one of the patterns on the edges or borders of the driveway.

Staining the stamped overlay is optional. You can choose from a variety of colors and use single or multiple hues, whichever is more interesting to you. The concrete driveway is coated with a sealer whether you have it stained or not. This helps protect the overlay and slab from damaging elements and adds a bit of shine to the surface.

stamped concrete driveway SeattleWhy Opt for Stamped Concrete

  • It provides a variety of design, pattern, and color choices to match or complement a home.
  • The texture of the overlay post-stamping provides enough traction to make it easy for vehicles to tread on.
  • Its aesthetics enhance curb appeal and increases the resale value of the property.
  • It only requires an overlay, so you save money on material and labor cost.
  • The existing concrete slab of the driveway is restored, giving a huge favor to the environment by reducing carbon footprint and landfill waste.
  • The overlay is durable enough to last for years, despite weather changes and heavy vehicular traffic.
  • Because it only makes use of an overlay, updating the look and pattern is easier and more affordable than other paving options.