13 Nov

4 Easy Tips on How to Prepare Pool Deck for Autumn

concrete repair seattleAutumn is a gorgeous season, considering all the colors that manifest in the tree leaves. Also, the climate is cooler. While it is a season most people look forward to, the home must be prepared to be able to endure the changes. The pool area is one that would need thorough preparation because it is outdoors and it needs to be in good condition when summer finally comes up. Here are basic things you need to do before autumn comes:

Clean and Repair the Pool Area

Remove any debris in the pool and around the deck. You may have to do this through autumn as well with all the leaves falling from trees or being blown in by the wind. Leaves left to rot on the concrete pool deck could damage the surface terribly. If the pool decking already has existing damage, a concrete resurfacing is a quick, affordable, but highly effective solution. Pool deck resurfacing is ideal for most types of damage, such as cracks, spalling, discoloration, and more.

Check and Balance Water pH and Level

Water pH is the amount of chlorine and other chemicals in the water. It needs to be balanced to inhibit the growth of any bacteria or organisms in the water while it is not in use. The water level is also important. However, it would depend on several factors like pool material to determine the right level for yours. Consult a local pool decking expert for this information.

Inspect and Shut Down Filtration System

The filtration system of a pool needs to be off during autumn and winter to prevent damage. Before shutting it down, check the system first. Inspect every and watch out for anything loose or worn out. Replace damaged parts immediately. Blow out any water left in the lines to keep it from freezing during winter. If you are unsure about this, hire someone to do an inspection.

Cover and Secure the Pool

Once everything has been checked, balanced, or repaired, you may now put on the pool cover. If you don’t have one yet, consult a pro to make sure that it is appropriate. Choose one that is durable and secure enough to keep children and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. It is also important to choose one that is easy and safe to put on and remove for when summer comes.

21 Sep

5 Daydream Pool Deck Ideas

Daydream, a pool club in Las Vegas, is one of the most popular commercial pools across the country. It features luxurious amenities perfect for adults looking to party right by the poolside. If you are interested in a Daydream-like theme on your own pool decking, there are cool ideas you can try:

Resurface the Concrete Pool Deck

Transforming the pool deck starts from the pool deck surface. The deck should be appealing without compromising safety and durability. If you have a concrete deck, a concrete repair can put it back in shape. Then a pool deck resurfacing can make enhance its form and improve its function. Some of the most popular decorative concrete resurfacing options are stamped overlays, spray knockdown texture, and concrete stains.
concrete repair seattle

Add Comfortable Chairs and Daybeds

Daydream is all about comfort. Add cushioned chairs or sofas on the pool deck. If you have a daybed, add it on the pool deck and some soft throw pillows on it. Some daybeds even have shades or roofs. It does not have to be something fancy. Draping a thin fabric over the daybed is enough to provide shade while allowing cool air to circulate.

Build Cabanas

A cabana is like a mini hut or shelter near the swimming pool. Often, it has a sofa, a table, some more chairs if space permits, and anything that makes it look like an outdoor living room. This does not have to be a separate hut from the house. You may extend the roof or eave and build one under that. You can also add a fireplace or fire pit for lighting, warmth, and barbecue.

How About a Mini Bar?

A mini-bar is something that will make a regular pool deck into a personal pool club. It does not have to be something fancy. Just have a cooler around, some tall and rum glasses, and some chilled drinks. If you have very young guests, make fruit smoothies served on fancy drinking cups instead.

Let Music Fill the Air

A daydream pool area is a party place so having fun music playing in the background will definitely set the fun mood. The great thing about technology nowadays is that louder and longer playing music can be playing in the smallest devices. No matter what device you have, make sure to keep it in a safe area far from anything that could make it wet or dirty.
swimming pool portable sound speaker

03 Aug

Guide to Indoor & Outdoor Concrete Resurfacing Options

The demand for highly decorative yet affordable paving and flooring solutions continued to rise as homeowners became more conscious of the aesthetics of their properties. This gave birth to decorative concrete. This solution pushed the versatility of concrete to unbelievably impressive levels. Concrete repair replaced concrete removal and re-pour. Concrete resurfacing made it possible to renew the surface of a concrete slab with affordable but durable coatings and overlays. Here is a brief description of various resurfacing options for both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces:

interior concrete polishing Seattle WAPolished Concrete

  • Material – No coating or overlay needed.
  • Process – The existing concrete slab is polished using a series of grits, starting from coarse to fine. The polished surface is sealed with a concrete sealer.
  • Benefits – This is an affordable and sustainable option because it makes use of the existing concrete. It is also highly decorative especially for those who like the modern, contemporary, and industrial appeal of concrete.
  • Where to Use – Can be used indoors and out. Popular for commercial flooring and interior residential floors.

epoxy floor garages Seattle WAEpoxy Flooring

  • Material – Epoxy floor coating, consisting of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener.
  • Process – The resin and hardener are mixed together and then applied on the surface of the concrete. Paint chips can be broadcasted to create a terrazzo look.
  • Benefits – Epoxy is a very tough material as long as it is installed properly. It is resistant to impact, stains, abrasion,
  • Where to Use – Popular for garage floors. Must only be used in indoor concrete surfaces. Exposure to sunlight could cause its bond to break and the surface to blush or yellow.

stamped concrete patio Seattle WAStamped Concrete

  • Material – Makes use of a concrete overlay and stamp mats.
  • Process – The overlay is applied on the concrete surface and then stamped with mats in the client’s desired pattern. It can be stained when dry and then sealed afterwards.
  • Benefits – This is probably the most decorative of all resurfacing options. It offers a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from.
  • Where to Use – Although it can be used indoors, it is a more common solution for outdoor surfaces like patios, pool decks, and driveways.

interior floor staining SeattleStained Concrete

  • Material – Acid or water-based concrete stains
  • Process – The concrete stain is applied on the surface and left to dry.
  • Benefits – Concrete stains come in a wide range of colors that can be mixed and matched. Stains can be applied directly on concrete or as a decorative accent to other flooring or paving system like stamped overlays.
  • Where to Use – Stains can be used on both indoor and outdoor concrete.

spray knock down finish commercial concrete Seattle WASpray Knockdown Finish

  • Material – Acrylic Concrete Coating
  • Process – The coating is loaded into a hopper gun and then sprayed on the concrete surface and then troweled down, creating a look similar to stucco.
  • Benefits – The more subtle stucco-like texture makes it slip-resistant. This is also known as a cool decking because of its ability to stay cool despite exposure to sunlight for hours.
  • Where to Use – This is an ideal coating for outdoor surfaces, such as patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks and more.
19 Jul

Garage Floor Options 101

Nowadays, the garage is being used for more than just a car park. It has become a storage area for unused items and a workshop for tasks like woodwork, car repairs, and more. So, when it comes to garage floor options, plain concrete just won’t do. Although durable, concrete could acquire some cracks, dents, and holes from impact, foot and car traffic, spilled chemicals, grease, and oil. So, what are your options?

garage floor epoxy Seattle WAGarage Floor Epoxy

An epoxy floor coating comes highly recommended because it extends the durability of concrete and protects the slab from further damage. Although it is easy to epoxy garage floors, it is still advisable to let a licensed contractor do it. Improper installation could make the coating weak and vulnerable to damage. More than a coating, the epoxy also acts as a concrete crack sealer for small, hairline cracks, making it an ideal concrete repair option.

polyurea polyaspartic garage Seattle WAPolyurea Polyaspartic Coating

Another tough garage floor sealer is polyurea polyaspartic. It is similar to epoxy but it dries faster. Its fast-drying feature is one reason why it is a popular option for industrial and commercial garages, dealerships, or showrooms. Business owners would not want to close shop for several days just for a floor remodeling project. Polyurea provides an appropriate solution by drying into a functional surface in just a day.

vinyl tileVinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl Composition Tile, or VCT, is a popular flooring material for garages even though it was not designed for such use. Vinyl is often used in commercial flooring, kitchens, and other floors. The reason why a lot of homeowners use it in the garage is that it is very cheap and it comes in various colors and designs. If it gets damaged, replacing it with a new batch is fast and affordable. Vinyl is a thin material that is vulnerable to weight, scratches, impact, and most types of damage. It is quite slippery when wet and can acquire damage when exposed to water or chemicals.

rubber roll out matsRubber Roll-out Mats

If you want something temporary, rubber mats are good options. It can be bought by yard or meter and it comes in a variety of color and patterns. The surface of a roll-out mat is textured for enhanced grip. This, however, has the tendency to wrinkle and wave, making the surface unleveled. When this happens, the mat needs to be replaced with a new one.

28 Jun

5 Ways to Revamp Your Business Space

The first time you set up your business space, everything is cool and interesting. However, as time goes by, everything goes old and boring. Customers can get tired of how a store looks so it is important to update it when possible. Here are easy ways you can revamp the look and function of your commercial space:

stained commercial floor SeattleUpdate the Commercial Flooring

Commercial concrete floors can get weak and damaged especially if a store gets heavy foot traffic. One quick and economical way you can update it is with decorative commercial concrete resurfacing coatings and overlays, such as stamped overlays, concrete stains, and epoxy, to name a few. These are durable, economical, and highly aesthetic.

commercial space lighting fixtureChoose Better Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is very important in a business space. Depending on the type of business, the lighting fixtures should go with the overall theme. While the design is a top priority, it is crucial to choose lighting that provides ample light without consuming too much energy. Also, choose fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain.

commercial space decor designUpgrade Decor and Design

This does not even have to be something big and detailed. Give the walls a fresh layer of paint or change the decor hanging on the walls. You may also rearrange the furniture or display shelves to give the room a new look. Customers love it when a business updates their decor. It gives them something new to experience and it gives them the impression that they are visiting a store for the first time.

commercial space chairsChoose Comfortable Furniture

Most types of businesses have furniture. Changing the chairs and tables can immediately revamp a commercial space. It is important to think about your customers when choosing furniture. Will it be visually stimulating to them? Will it be comfortable enough to make them want to stay longer? It is also crucial to choose furniture that is tough as nails and those that require minimal maintenance.

commercial space techTrust Technology

Technology is making everything easier and more convenient nowadays. So, why not tech up your commercial space? For example, if you have a restaurant, why not let servers use touch screen tablets to take customer orders? This way, the order goes directly to the cashier and kitchen staff. Another would be using interactive kiosks that customers can use for simple services and products. With the numerous advances nowadays, the possibilities of revamping the commercial space are endless.