5 Daydream Pool Deck Ideas

Daydream, a pool club in Las Vegas, is one of the most popular commercial pools across the country. It features luxurious amenities perfect for adults looking to party right by the poolside. If you are interested in a Daydream-like theme on your own pool decking, there are cool ideas you can try:

Resurface the Concrete Pool Deck

Transforming the pool deck starts from the pool deck surface. The deck should be appealing without compromising safety and durability. If you have a concrete deck, a concrete repair can put it back in shape. Then a pool deck resurfacing can make enhance its form and improve its function. Some of the most popular decorative concrete resurfacing options are stamped overlays, spray knockdown texture, and concrete stains.

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Add Comfortable Chairs and Daybeds

Daydream is all about comfort. Add cushioned chairs or sofas on the pool deck. If you have a daybed, add it on the pool deck and some soft throw pillows on it. Some daybeds even have shades or roofs. It does not have to be something fancy. Draping a thin fabric over the daybed is enough to provide shade while allowing cool air to circulate.

Build Cabanas

A cabana is like a mini hut or shelter near the swimming pool. Often, it has a sofa, a table, some more chairs if space permits, and anything that makes it look like an outdoor living room. This does not have to be a separate hut from the house. You may extend the roof or eave and build one under that. You can also add a fireplace or fire pit for lighting, warmth, and barbecue.

How About a Mini Bar?

A mini-bar is something that will make a regular pool deck into a personal pool club. It does not have to be something fancy. Just have a cooler around, some tall and rum glasses, and some chilled drinks. If you have very young guests, make fruit smoothies served on fancy drinking cups instead.

Let Music Fill the Air

A daydream pool area is a party place so having fun music playing in the background will definitely set the fun mood. The great thing about technology nowadays is that louder and longer playing music can be played on the smallest devices. No matter what device you have, make sure to keep it in a safe area far from anything that could make it wet or dirty.

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