5 Pool Deck Remodeling Ideas

Is your concrete pool deck aching for a makeover? Age will soon be evident on a pool deck. It either starts to look dull and boring or damage may appear on the surface. If this is the case, decorative concrete Seattle solutions will come really handy. This way, you won’t have to remove the old slab and re-pour a new one. Here are some decorative concrete resurfacing Seattle ideas on how to do concrete pool deck remodeling in less time and at a lower cost:

Natural Stone

natural stone concrete stamps Seattle

Natural stone has always been a luxurious option for pool decks. You would often see stone decks in beach resorts, spas, and hotels. Now, you can have your very own natural-looking pool deck without having to spend all your hard-earned money. Stamped concrete is a decorative concrete overlay in Seattle that can mimic any kind of stone paving material. Concrete stamps can be customized to imprint flagstone, travertine, slate, limestone, and many other natural stone patterns on a concrete overlay.

Beach Entry

beach entry textured-pool deck Seattle

A stamped deck or any other textured concrete can be extended into the pool with a gradual slope, similar to the slope of sand as it meets the ocean. The texture will keep it slip-resistant while adding to the appeal of the pool. You may choose light tans or beige for this type of entry to make it look more like the seashore.

Simply White

simply white acrylic coatings Seattle

It is a known fact that light-colored materials reflect heat, thus, maintaining a cool surface. When it comes to pool decks, it is highly recommended to choose light colors to keep the deck cool underfoot. So why not choose white? It is indeed the lightest color and it will look stunning on any pool area theme or design. Decorative concrete coatings in Seattle, like acrylic concrete coating, comes in light colors and is especially cool to the touch. It is sprayed and then troweled, creating a textured surface similar to stucco.

Engraved Designs

custom scorelined engraved design Seattle

Why scrimp on design when there are various decorative options? A concrete pool deck can be made more customized with engraved designs like wavy lines, vines, swirls, flowers, and more. Custom scorelines not only add to the appeal of the deck, it also gives the concrete slab some room to move, thus, minimizing the occurrence of cracks.

Water-Inspired Colors

stained concrete pool deck Seattle
Photo Credit: Concrete Network

Concrete pool decks are often stained in earthy colors for that natural-looking, outdoorsy effect. However, you can also go loud and wild with more vibrant hues like aqua blue, mint green, or even teal. This brightens up the pool area, making it look cooler and more refreshing. A professional decorative concrete contractor in Seattle can help you test or mix some stains to achieve the color that would best suit your pool deck.

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