Best Types of Concrete Floor To Polish


Concrete floors are very common in both homes and commercial properties. However, no one would like to use it as it is because it is not attractive and it is quite difficult to maintain due to its high porosity. The trend that contractors are crazy for nowadays is polished concrete. Not only is it a simple and economical option, polishing concrete Seattle floors provide a picturesque appeal that brings unexpected pleasure to anyone who sees it. However simple it is, it can not be done on all concrete floors. Here is a brief look at the best types of concrete floors for polishing.

Reviving Old Concrete Floors

Newly poured concrete floors are not ideal candidates for concrete floor polishing Seattle projects. Although it is dry, it has not cured and hardened enough to withstand grinding. It is important to only polish concrete floors that are over 28 days old since it was poured. This ensures proper grinding without the possibility of cracks and holes.

Upgrade Structurally Sound Concrete Surfaces

Any concrete floor which have been existing for a month or more are eligible for concrete polishing. However, it needs to be in a structurally sound condition for the best results. Weak or extensively damaged concrete, like wavy and heavily cracked floors, will only get worse once the grinding machine starts working. If the damage is minor and is not past the surface, the blemishes can be ground off to create a raw base before it can be ground with disks of varied grits.

Transform Interior Residential Floors

Traditional homes use carpets, rugs, and tile to cover concrete floors. Although these are aesthetically-pleasing, it is quite expensive and difficult to maintain. Homeowners would be delighted to know that they can save a lot of money when they opt to polish concrete Seattle floors. They wouldn’t have to worry about how it would look as polished concrete can be customized with concrete stain colors that best suit their home’s interior style.

Polishing Concrete Seattle Commercial Floors

Businesses would definitely appreciate polished concrete floors for their affordability and aesthetics. A polished floor can be customized from a minimal shine to a high gloss. These look elegant and classy without the high price tag that usually comes with other flooring materials. Concrete commercial flooring can be done on both indoor and outdoor floors of hotels, groceries, boutiques, restaurants, and more.

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