Caring for your Commercial Concrete Floors

commercial concrete

All types of flooring materials require maintenance, it’s just a matter of how much cleaning and maintaining it would actually require. Commercial concrete floors, because of the heavy foot traffic that it undergoes, may require more than residential surfaces. However, there is no need to dispatch an army of hard-working maintenance workers just to keep floors in good shape every time. Here are great tips every commercial space owner should know to keep commercial flooring looking great and impressive.

Cleaning Commercial Flooring

      • Use mild cleaning solutions on decorative concrete. Harsh chemical-based solutions can be quite harmful to concrete floors.

      • Do regular sweeping and mopping on the floor. This will help clear the surface of any dirt that could get worse if left unattended.

      • Wipe off spills immediately. Whether it is toxic or something as mild as water, keeping any liquid off the floor will prevent stains.

    Maintaining Commercial Concrete Floors

        • Apply a sealer on top of the floors, especially if it has undergone concrete resurfacing. Not only will the sealer enhance the look of the floor, it will also serve as a protective layer from abrasion, water, sun exposure, and stains.

        • Apply repairs immediately. If there are some issues beginning to be evident on the commercial floor, have it assessed and repaired as early as possible. This will help prevent such issues from getting worse and reaching a point where it would require more expensive fixes.

        • Add decorative floor mats or rugs in commercial concrete floor areas where people often walk, like an entrance or pathway, to reduce the hazard of slips and falls. This will help protect the concrete floor and add a touch of ornamental appeal to the room.

        • If there is an unwanted stain on the concrete floor, mask it with a concrete stain or dye. This will enhance the overall aesthetics of the floor while hiding the discoloration underneath.

        • If cracks often appear on the same spot every time, have a contractor check it out. Cracks can be disguised through expansion joints or custom scorelines. Not only will these give the concrete slab some room to move, it can also be incorporated into a design or pattern.

        • Commercial concrete floors need to be resealed after every 1 to 3 years, depending on how often it is used. Make sure the ask a decorative concrete contractor about the best and most appropriate sealer for the type of concrete floor you have.

        • If something needs to be moved or transferred, carry it or use a trolley. Dragging it can be harmful to the concrete floor as it may cause unpleasant scratches.

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