Why Floor Preparation Is Very Important

Have you ever seen concrete coatings peel? Have you ever wondered what causes this? This occurs because of concrete not being prepared properly. In order for decorative concrete coatings to be able to bond with the concrete, you have to consider the cleanliness of the surface. It should also be open and absorbent. When the … Read more

How Concrete Resurfacing is Done

There are many misconceptions when it comes to both concrete resurfacing and remodeling. Many people who would like to have their floors redone, basement refinished, crumbling driveway fixed and their kitchens reconfigured are hesitant to take on the project because of a misguided belief that time and knowledge is not sufficient! When our clients come … Read more

Choosing the Right Coating Option for your Parking Areas

Like all kinds of buildings and commercial spaces, a parking area needs to be sealed for protection from all kinds of destructive elements. But a special precaution should be taken when applying it to these structures, because some extreme conditions are endured by these areas that some spaces do not. Exposure to pedestrian and vehicle … Read more

Why Decorative Concrete Overlays Rock

Decorative Concrete Overlays are one of the newest techniques when it comes to maximizing the beauty of your commercial and residential concrete space. It creates a professional look and has a durable finish. For creative and quality concrete commercial design projects, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing ensures that our designs are exactly what you want. Your preference is … Read more