When to Resurface Your Concrete Driveway Seattle

Installing a concrete driveway helps improve the overall curb appeal and adds long-term value to your home if you wish to sell it. Like any structures, however, driveways are not exempted from the daily wear and tear. This causes damages that can potentially ruin it for good. But fret not – there are preventive and … Read more

How to Get Your Flooring On Point (Even on a Budget)

Getting new flooring is a tricky, laborious, and often stressful process. But it should really be fun! Because what is more exciting than choosing the flooring you and your family will be walking on and making memories for years to come? We’ve put together some great tips to help make that decision-making process easier and … Read more

What Is the Best Kind of Epoxy for Your Garage?

When it comes to garage floor resurfacing options, epoxy is often the first thing that comes to mind. It’s an incredibly strong and resilient material that is also cheaper than other options for garage floors. But epoxy does not just come in one type; in fact, there are many kinds of epoxy floors that you … Read more

4 Fun Epoxy Designs For Your Garage Floors

We all know about the great benefits that come with an epoxy garage floor including its remarkable durability, longevity, and affordability. But epoxy also has great versatility and can be customized to fit the personality of your home and the vibe you want to give in your garage. So if you’re looking into epoxy garage … Read more

The Secret to Getting Cheap Ebonized Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors are having a moment right now. They’re a style of flooring that comes back in newer more refreshed incarnations every few years. This time around, it’s ebonized wooden floors. But wooden floors get more expensive every year. The cost of installing wooden floors in your home will involve the cost of professional labor, … Read more