Choosing the Right Polished Concrete Color for Your Home or Business

Home and business owners nowadays are opting for more affordable ways to upgrade or enhance their properties. It is a wonderful thing that concrete, probably the most durable floor material in the world, has become a lot more versatile with the numerous ways you can customize it to match your needs. If you are after visual appeal that does not involve any complex floor treatments, then you might want to polish concrete surfaces. Polished concrete floors cost much less than any other decorative concrete treatments out there. It does not even require any special waxes or coatings to acquire the sheen you are craving for.

Why Choose Concrete Polishing for your Floor

Polished concrete floors are very popular in the home improvement industry nowadays because of the many benefits that these provide, both for residential and commercial projects. It can be done on an existing slab so you won’t have to spend a fortune for sacks of new cement. Concrete polishing solutions are ideal for those who want a durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Also, because concrete comes in a plain gray color, it is a blank canvas that can be customized further with dyes or stains. A professional concrete polisher can incorporate one or more colors to satisfy your personal preferences or a look that you are aiming to portray.

How to Choose a Polished Concrete Floor Color

  • polished concrete seattle, waDark and Sophisticated – Do you have a theater room or do you own a nightclub? Then the best color to choose for concrete floor polishing are blacks, dark blues, or dark browns. This will enhance the much needed darkness that the room or commercial space is meant to provide. If you are not a fan of a solid dark color on your floor, you can make it more decorative by having your contractor broadcast some microchips in a contrasting color. This will give it a terrazzo or flecked look.
  • polished concrete seattle, waBright and Reflective – If you are after polished concrete solutions that make your space brighter, be it a garage or a car showroom business, then choose something in a light color, such as beige, tan, or yellow. You can even maximize brightness without adding any lighting fixtures by choosing a higher level of sheen when polishing concrete.
  • polished concrete seattle, waWarm and Inviting – Retail stores should have what it takes to encourage potential customers to come in, look around, and, hopefully, make a purchase. Choose warm colors like light earth tones or pastels to give a warm and friendly impression on your concrete floor. If you often invite guests at home, this would also be an ideal color theme for your front entry way or living room.
  • polished concrete seattle, waUnique and Customized – More and more homeowners are going for a customized look when polishing concrete floor. You can mix and match colors to create a swirl, some lines, or a pattern on your floor. Just make sure that it complements your interior decor and color theme. For commercial properties, like hotels, restaurants, and shops, it would be great to be able to incorporate the company logo’s theme colors onto the floor. However, some designers are going against this rule and are recommending a color that is different from the company color theme. This way, it would not be overpowering to anyone who walks in.

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