Sealant Replacement Projects and Repair Programs

If you own or manage a commercial property, chances are good that you have concrete to maintain. Because it’s such a durable substance, concrete is often used in balconies, roofs, pool decks, walkways, and even large planters.

Have you looked at your concrete surfaces lately? Are they clean and mildew-free? Do they have cracks or pock-marks? To continue meeting your needs, your concrete surfaces should be well-maintained and sealed from the elements, and Northwest Concrete Resurfacing can help.

We can repair and resurface any type of concrete you have on your property: no job is too large or too small to benefit from our services. We have the know-how to properly clean and prepare your concrete surfaces for a new coating and will consult with you to offer the best products for your particular needs. In many situations, we can refurbish and extend the life of your concrete by resealing the existing decorative overlay.

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The number one benefit of a quality commercial sealer is that it will lock out moisture and keep your concrete tight and dry. This means that, despite all the rain we get here in Seattle, your concrete will maintain its good looks by staying cleaner and less susceptible to mildew. Sealing also helps preserve the structural integrity of the concrete, as moisture can cause cracking and erosion of surfaces over time. Proper sealing is an important investment in the longevity of your concrete’s good looks, and the right coating can actually lower maintenance costs in the long run. Let Northwest Concrete Resurfacing show you how affordable it can be to reseal your concrete today.

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