Why Hire a Professional Concrete Contractor?

in action Seattle WAA lot of people enjoy do-it-yourself projects. However, there are certain projects that are better left to professionals. Decorative concrete, for example, requires careful planning, measurements, and application. Doing it yourself, there are risks involved. If you make a mistake, you would have to redo the whole thing and this can be expensive. If you want something cost-effective, hire a professional concrete contractor. Here are good reasons why:

Knowledge of Concrete

Pros are trained to handle concrete. They know good quality cement when they see one. They know what is concrete is good for, where it would work best, and how it should be properly used. They are also trained to evaluate existing concrete floors, knowing if those are still eligible for a stamped concrete overlay or some other coating. They are also knowledgeable in the types of concrete damage and the appropriate repairs for each one.

Proper Mixing and Preparation

Concrete is a versatile material but before it hardens into a durable floor, it needs to be mixed and prepared properly. To some, it is just mixing concrete powder and water, but to a pro, the ratio of how much concrete and how much water is a big deal. If mixed with the wrong ratio, the concrete could be weak and easily damaged.

Proper Levelling and Application

Concrete is easy to handle when wet. However, once it hardens, it can be difficult to fix. Floors need to be leveled properly to prevent water from puddling. This is done while the concrete is still wet and it can be tricky if you are not trained and experienced. As for imprinting patterns, a pro works fast and stamps the concrete well enough before it dries. Even concrete staining requires great skill, especially if it calls for hand-staining.

Appropriate Tools and Equipment

From preparation to the application, the tools used will help determine the results. It’s not enough to have the exact tools required for concrete stamping or applying an overlay. You must also have the skill and expertise to use it efficiently.


Experience, they say, is the best teacher. In the remodeling industry, it truly is. There are things you don’t learn in training but learn during application. Professional concrete contractors with years of experience have more knowledge, improved skills, and a better understanding of decorative concrete than they did when they first trained for decorative concrete solutions.

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