Decorative and Durable Indoor Concrete Flooring Options

When it comes to options, nothing is more numerous than what concrete has to offer. Concrete floors can be customized in so many ways, making it an ideal material for indoor use. Gone are the days when homeowners had wall to wall carpets and rugs. Not only are these allergy-causing items expensive, they also require a high level of maintenance. Here are some options for indoor flooring:

Concrete Staining

concrete-stain-seattleFor existing concrete floors, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to turn it up a notch, aesthetic-wise, is to add concrete stains. There is a wide range of colors to choose from. For specific designs or colors, water-based stains can come in handy. These produce opaque colors on concrete floors. For special effects, an acid-based stain would be a great choice. These produce random hues of color and marbling effects depending on chemical reaction the stain has when it comes in contact with the concrete’s natural mineral content.

Polished Concrete

photo 1This may be a very simple upgrade but it can transform plain concrete into shiny and stunning floors. The existing floor is ground to a smooth finish and then polished until it acquires the sheen it requires. These are popular amongst commercial spaces because it is a low maintenance flooring option. This can also be stained, if desired.

Stamped Concrete

stamped-concreteA lot of homeowners nowadays still prefer the classic look of natural stone, brick, or tile on their floors. These looks can be achieved at a more economical cost with concrete stamping. This is often done on a concrete overlay that is applied on an existing surface. The desired pattern is stamped or carved onto the overlay before it totally dries. To complete the look, stains will be added to make it more appealing and believable.

Epoxy Flooring

epoxy flooringEpoxy floor coatings are such a hit because it can beautify most indoor floors. Homeowners prefer to epoxy garage floors and basement floors to make it more appealing, without compromising its durability and resistance to stains, impact, and heavy foot traffic. The epoxy flooring cost may be quite high on the initial stage but the return on investment is quite impressive because it is highly durable, long-lasting, and very easy to maintain. An epoxy floor coating can be made more decorative by broadcasting paint chips in one or several colors, creating a terrazzo look that is absolutely appealing.

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