Essential Characteristics of Polished Concrete

While concrete floors are common in both residential and commercial settings, it is only in the last few years that polishing such floors became such a hit. The first thing that might come to mind when you think of polished concrete would be a plain concrete floor with a layer of floor wax which has been buffed to a shine. This is basically true but there is a concrete floor polishing Seattle solution that provides a longer-lasting shine. So how do you distinguish a good polished concrete surface? Here are the basic characteristics to look out for:


polished-concrete-seattlePolished concrete gives floors that luxurious and expensive look at an affordable price. Polishing concrete Seattle floors is done with the use of a grinding machine that grinds the surface of the concrete floor using diamond grinding wheels with progressive grinding bits. This turns plain old concrete into a shiny, reflective flooring that looks almost like marble. Polishing is also a good alternative to a complete concrete overhaul as it makes use of the existing concrete, only removing the top layer which may have been exposed to damage and discoloration.


polished concrete seattle

When it comes to durability, polished concrete has 8 times more resistance to damage than most flooring materials. The shine helps keep dirt from sticking and the sealing top coat keeps it from absorbing spilled paint, wine, or whatever liquid out there. Concrete has always been known as a durable material and once polished and sealed with a concrete sealer, its durability goes up several levels higher.


concrete-floor-polishing-seattlePolished concrete floors are fairly easy to clean and maintain. Its smooth and shiny surface makes it resistant to dirt, making it easy to sweep and dry mop. It only needs occasional wet mopping and only if it has become dull due to dirt and dust. It does not require regular waxing or buffing because the polish acquired after the grinding process provides a permanent shine. It may need a resealing after every couple of years, depending on how much foot traffic it is exposed to.


polished-concrete-floors-seattleYou may have walked on hotel lobbies and large boutiques with stunning and luxurious floors without realizing that it is actually polished concrete. After professional concrete contractors polish concrete Seattle floors, the resulting surface is almost unrecognizable. Moreso if it was customized with concrete stains and other decorative coatings and materials. Commercial floor owners love the fact that polished concrete can look as grand as it can be without breaking the bank.

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