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For a long time, concrete has been regarded as the most durable and cost-saving material for residential and commercial construction projects. Enhancing the way it can better serve customers has become a lifetime commitment. Northwest Concrete Resurfacing, as a decorative concrete floors contractor, understands this need which is why we offer concrete polishing services to give you three of the most noteworthy benefits of this flooring alternative: lower cost, lower maintenance, and better aesthetics. But before we completely convince you to choose this option, we want you to understand what it is, how it is done, and what’s in it for you.

What is concrete polishing?

In a nutshell, polishing a concrete flooring Seattle is like sanding wood. However, instead of sandpaper, professional decorative concrete polishers make use of machines that have diamond-embedded disks to grind the cement to a shine. This type of decorative concrete enhancement is ideal for both home and business application. It can be further enhanced by adding finishes or designs to match your current theme and lifestyle.

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How to polish concrete?

Concrete floor polishing follows a process to make sure that it acquires the right amount of sheen as desired. First, existing concrete floors are initially ground with a coarse set of grits. Similar to how one would sand wood, it starts with a coarser sandpaper sheet then slowly progressing to a finer one as it becomes more smooth. So, using a coarse diamond-embedded disk attached to a concrete polishing equipment, the contractor would go through the floor slowly making sure that each area is sanded appropriately. 

Depending on how much concrete polishing the floor needs to be smoother and glossy, it may take three to four steps to complete the grinding. Our experienced staff knows when to switch to a different grinding disk and if a concrete floor is shiny enough to satisfy the customer’s liking. After all these, a polishing compound or sealer can then be added to make it shinier and dirt-resistant.

Although polished concrete floors are good enough to look at and walk on, we give you the opportunity to have it customized. We offer a variety of design and color solutions for a more decorative appearance:

  • Stained Flooring
  • Polished Concrete with Aggregates
  • Dyed Polished Concrete
  • And more…

Benefits of Concrete Polishing 

Opting to polish concrete instead of a complete makeover with more expensive flooring materials is enough to confirm that it is a sound investment for both homes and business establishments. Let’s discuss the three noteworthy benefits of sanding concrete floors we mentioned earlier.

    • Lower Cost – Because it is much better done on existing concrete, you don’t have to install a whole new floor to upgrade or improve your home or business. Also, you get to save more on harmful coatings or floor wax products to make it shiny. The decorative concrete polishing alone makes it reflective enough.
    • Lower Maintenance Polished Floors – Unlike most floors that require a special, usually chemical-based, product to keep it looking clean and new, concrete that has been professionally polished requires only some sweeping and occasional damp mopping.
    • Better Aesthetics – There is a possibility for the concrete’s natural imperfections to shine through after a complete polishing process. However, you can mask this by choosing one of the many decorative options we have to offer. So you can have it topped with aggregate, have it stained or acid-washed, or even dyed to your preferred color. Remember that a beautiful floor not only enhances the look of your property, it also increases its value.

Now that you know more about the concrete polish service we offer at Northwest Concrete Resurfacing Seattle WA. We want you to know that we would be more than happy to provide more information if you have any more questions. As much as we truly believe that this commercial and residential floor resurfacing option is something worth your consideration, we are also confident that our staff is equipped with the experience and tools to help make it happen. Give us a call @ (206) 922-4612 or visit us now for further discussion and a free estimate on your upcoming home or business floor upgrade!


Are concrete floors expensive?

Costs may vary according to the type of concrete you want to be installed. For basic concrete, the starting price is $2 per square foot. 

Are concrete floors cheaper than tile?

Concrete and tile have almost the same price. Tile is only cheaper for at least about $5.

Is a polished concrete floor expensive?

$3 – $12 per square foot is the average price range for polished concrete. An additional cost is expected if you want to highly consider the complexity and design you want for your surface. 

Is polished concrete cheaper than floorboards?

Floorboards are a bit expensive than polished concrete. When it comes to maintenance, polished concrete is easier to clean, while floorboards need polishing every 3-4 years. 

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