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Northwest Concrete Resurfacing offers high-quality products and workmanship for commercial properties, but we can also put our expertise to work on your residential project. If you are a homeowner in need of a new sealer coat or decorative finish for your concrete, our concrete contractors can help. We provide the following residential concrete services:

Decorative Concrete

Run-of-the-mill  concrete patios, decks, and walkways have the potential to become a major design element with the right finish. We can install Seatlle concrete surfaces that feature custom colors and textures to bring out the beauty of your home and significantly increase the value of your investment. Affordable concrete can be transformed to look like stone, tile and other high-end decorative surfaces: if you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Concrete Resurfacing

If your concrete is in need of concrete repair, it makes good financial sense to resurface your concrete instead of just patching the cracks. Patches will never entirely blend in with your original concrete and can deteriorate in a short period. Concrete resurfacing offers the chance to increase the value of your property with a new, decorative coating, so it’s definitely worth the investment for a better overall result.

Concrete Staining

Gone are the days when a concrete surface meant a flat, gray slab. Stained concrete techniques allow you to add rich, deep colors to your concrete for a custom, designer look. Rich earth tones can help your concrete surface blend into the environment, and certain patterns or textures can emulate wood, marble, stone, or leather. We can transform your floor into a work of art.

Stamped Overlays

To give your plain concrete surface a new life, a stamped concrete overlay offers a decorative finish. In this process, a thin layer of new concrete is spread over the old slab. Decorative patterns are pressed into the wet concrete to imitate the look of natural stone or other desired textures. Stamped overlays can also be tinted to enhance the look, and this process offers an affordable alternative to the stonework for your project.

Epoxy Coating

Garage floors are often in need of repair, and an epoxy coating will provide a durable, attractive surface. Epoxy hides cracks and flaws in the concrete while protecting the floor from water and messy oil drips. Epoxy can be color-matched or decorated with flecks of color creating exposed aggregate effects. Its unique surface offers a better grip for shoes to keep guests from slipping.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coatings

The latest technology for garage floors includes polyurea and polyspartic coatings, which are more advanced than epoxies. These are a great option for unheated garages as they can be used under a variety of temperature conditions: you won’t have to wait until spring to get your job done with a polyspartic coating. These unique products also dry much more quickly, so several coats can be applied in just one day.

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