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The garage floor is considered one of the most abused floors in a house because, aside from being the parking area for vehicles, it is also the storage room for chemicals, unused items, equipment, and more. Although it is the last thing anyone would consider, epoxy floor coating Seattle would be quite beneficial.

The best way to get rid of damaged concrete, grease stains and other surface issues is through a resurfacing service from a reliable concrete contractor. A garage floor epoxy will make the existing floor a lot more durable and resistant to damage, spills, and abrasion.

The Epoxy Flooring Application Process

It is a two-part floor coating material that is mixed well together before being applied to an existing concrete floor.

  • First, a primer or base floor coating is applied to improve the adhesion capability of the floor.
  • Then a build coat or stain is applied. Involved in this part of the process is the integration of the design. It can be multicolored chips or metal powder to create metallic floors.
  • It left to set and dry completely, making sure that it remains untouched during the curing time.
  • The top coat, which is often a transparent sealer, is now applied. This is meant to enhance the color of the build coat and protect the surface from color fading and from spills.

Benefits of Epoxy Floors

It is important to discuss with a professional epoxy floor contractor first to get first-hand information about this floor coating material.  There is a lot to know, such as the advantages of having this type of flooring in the house or a commercial space. For one, an epoxy surface is much easier to clean. In fact, wiping it with mild soap and water would do the trick. It is a non-porous material so bacteria and dust stay on top of the surface. It can tolerate heavy foot traffic, bumps, tools dropping, tire treads, and more.

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