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Old concrete, even though in good working condition, can a reach a point where it looks very unpleasant. The most common option to cover ugly concrete floors is by installing pavers, brick, tile, stone, carpets, rugs, or any other flooring materials that should make any surface look better. However, there is a more affordable option: Concrete Stain. This is a coating applied on concrete floors that adds color and masks blemishes. Stained concrete services are highly popular because of its decorative yet economical properties.

concrete staining interior floor Seattle

Types of Stains for Concrete

Concrete staining is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The most common surfaces for staining are living rooms, kitchens, pool decks, patios, driveways, front entry ways, and more. It can be used as an additional decorative layer to other residential floor resurfacing projects like stamped, stenciled, and more. It is a great opportunity for commercial and residential property owners to customize their floors to match the company theme or architectural style of their establishments or homes. There are two types of stains: acid and water-based. Each of these provide different benefits and color effects. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • Acid Stain – This is an acid-based solution that causes a reaction on a bare concrete floor. So even if only one color is chosen for the floor, it would soon develop creative patterns as well as hues that make each acid stain concrete project unique.
  • Water-based Stain – This is a non-reactive stain that penetrates concrete floors and produces opaque colors, unlike the semi-translucent effect caused by acid stains. Staining concrete with a water-based stain is ideal for those who want a more specific pattern or design, bolder and more consistent colors on the floor.

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