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concrete protective coatingsNorthwest Concrete Resurfacing Inc. formerly known as Sundek Seattle began in 1983 and has been helping homeowners and commercial customers find the right solutions for their outdoor projects ever since. The company began by building long-lasting, high-quality decks, and we soon realized that wood isn’t the only surface that needs protection from the elements. Our company has since expanded its expertise to waterproofing, sealing, and concrete restorations and now offers knowledge and skills to commercial customers who appreciate excellent service just as much as individual homeowners always have.

With over 30 years of local experience, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing knows how to handle the Seattle weather. Our employees live and work here just like you and know that frequent rain will eventually degrade concrete structures. In Washington, proper waterproofing is crucial. We pride ourselves on learning from every project, and our cumulative knowledge is a major benefit to our customers. For example, we know how to time your job properly to keep your surfaces perfectly dry while they cure. Our experienced employees don’t need to fiddle around with set-up on the job: they’re experts who can get right to work and get the job done right.

Northwest Concrete Resurfacing experts can also help you choose the right solution for your unique requirements. Each site is different, and we work with customers to get the right coating to perform well in the long run and look great while doing it. We know what works in our challenging local conditions, and we’re passionate about putting that knowledge to work for our customers.

We are also pleased to work with general contractors to fulfill existing plans with our specialized skills. We know how important proper timing and planning are to keep large projects on track, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism in working with you to get our piece of your project done right.

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