Polished Concrete: Why Floor Owners Love It

polished concrete floorsPolished floors are becoming popular nowadays because of how easy they are to maintain and how sophisticated they look on both a residential and commercial setting. Although it is just really a concrete slab made shiny with repeated grinding, the results are modern, classy, and expensive-looking. Aside from these characteristics of polished concrete Seattle floors, what makes it such a huge favorite among home and business owners?

Great Fix for Concrete Surface Damage

Concrete polishing is an ideal fix for minor floor issues, such as small cracks, shallow pits, and more. It can enhance plain concrete without the use of any overlays or coatings. Since the grinding process deals with the top layer of the concrete slab, any imperfections on it will be gone. What’s left is a fresher layer of concrete with a better look and shine.

Can be Customized

Polished concrete floors can be customized with color and aggregate to make it a lot more interesting. A fresh layer of concrete overlay can be applied with aggregate and then polished to expose the aggregate used. The result is an exposed aggregate flooring that is shiny and smooth.

Fast Turnaround

In comparison with other decorative concrete repair solutions, polishing has a faster turnaround. This is greatly preferred by most floor owners, especially those who need to have their floors ready for use in the shortest time possible. A polished concrete floor can be started and completed in as little as a day.


Because there are no chemical-based solutions or products involved, polishing is a more environment-friendly option. Also, because it can be done on existing concrete slabs, there is less concrete waste thrown into landfills compared to a complete concrete floor overhaul and re-pour project.

Resistant to Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew on concrete surfaces are not only unpleasant to look at, it can also pose great dangers for anyone in the house. Polished concrete floors, once completed with a concrete sealer coating, becomes non-absorbent. This means there are no pores where mold and mildew could thrive.

Low Maintenance

This is probably one of the best reasons why people, from both commercial and residential settings, prefer a polished flooring. It is easy to clean, requiring only regular sweeping or dry mopping and an occasional wash to maintain its shine and beauty. This means it also cuts down costs on cleaning products and third-party maintenance services.

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