5 Best Ideas to Improve your Basement Flooring

One of the best ways to improve basement flooring is through waterproofing, and that is just one. So today’s blog will give you four more basement floor improvement ideas.

Learn how to protect the basement floorings with different methods, from DIY concrete floor maintenance to consulting the experts to apply for professional flooring jobs.

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Have a deep look at each flooring improvement idea.

Concrete Basement Floors Improvement: 5 Best Ideas to Try

If you have checked out previous blogs, you have already learned various ways to protect the basement flooring from excessive moisture. Find out the other ways.

1. Waterproof It!

The first and most talked about improvement for underground floorings is with moisture and leak-resistant systems. If you have not yet seen our blog about it, follow our blogs to check it out. There are three popular moisture repel systems that you can apply to your basement floors.

Here is a quick review of them.

  • Interior slab waterproofing
  • Waterproofing the drainage near the flooring slabs
  • Waterproofing outdoor concrete decks near the basement

Find out the full description of each when you scroll through our latest article about waterproofing systems for the basement flooring.

2. Look for Suitable Basement Finishing Systems

There are specific types of finishing materials used for the walls and floors of a basement, and common is the drywall, joint-compound and concrete.

The most popular finishing for most basements in the US is made of drywall. This is simply a gypsum board covered with layers of cardboard paper. However, if you are located near a wet area or the basement in your property is near a moisture-prone facility, the drywall is not the perfect finish.

It could be that the more suitable material would be concrete. Concrete floors and walls would bring more protection, especially if appropriately sealed. You can check out our informative article about how to properly seal concrete floors.

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3.Seal the Floors

Sealing the concrete floor in the basement would not only protect the material and the entire space from leaks and excessive water presence. However, it is its prime purpose.

But other than improving the function, it would also improve the form. Consider the aesthetics of the basement. Once you have a perfect protected floor, you can discover more ways to utilize your basement area.

4. Constant Floor Maintenance

You will probably see this phrase many times. Make cleaning a habit. Do not get tired of seeing this, cause we won’t!

Many advice and tips would tell you to do several processes, but it all boils down to constant cleaning. That is all the same tips and advice for your basement floors. A well-kept basement is the foundation of a durable, stable home.

5. Consult the Experts

Look again at each item discussed above. You may not know what system to apply or what basement finishing to use. Then if you doubt your choices, better call the experts.

Seattle flooring contractors are here to your rescue. It won’t hurt to call or get in touch with them.

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