Elastomeric and High Build Acrylic Coatings

At Northwest Concrete Resurfacing, we understand the importance of choosing the right coating for your job. Location matters: exterior concrete subjected to rain, wind, and UV rays requires a different type of protection than interior polished floors or a rugged traffic coating in a parking garage. Our years of experience as a decorative concrete contractor in the Seattle area means that we know the climate your surfaces are up against. With so much rain and moisture here, protecting your concrete is imperative to maintain the value and beauty of your property.

One major consideration when choosing a coating is the temperature fluctuation that the concrete is subjected to. Concrete expands in the heat but contracts in the cold, and this movement can wreak havoc on an improperly installed sealer, leading to unsightly cracks and voids that will allow moisture to penetrate and erode the concrete. Elastomeric coatings can solve this problem because they are made of a highly flexible material that expands and contracts right along with the concrete base. Elastomeric coatings can also be applied in multiple layers to create an impenetrable, fully waterproof surface for complete protection of the concrete below. When we review your plans and site specifications, we will determine which elastomeric product and the number of coats that are right for your commercial building project.

Though Northwest Concrete Resurfacing is happy to provide the very latest in elastomeric technology to our customers, we also have the experience to know when it’s not the best choice. Some jobs require a water-based product that will offer excellent sealing and protection without the odor of an elastomeric product. During our consultation, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of flexibility, waterproofing, future maintenance requirements, and price to determine the very best solution for your commercial concrete coatings.

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