Traffic Membrane Systems

A densely populated city like Seattle requires a multitude of parking areas for residents and visitors alike. If your commercial property includes a parking garage or parking deck with many levels, protect your investment with a traffic coating or membrane system. Parking deck roofs and floors are particularly susceptible to weather damage as rain blows in or is brought in by vehicles during storms. When you add a superior membrane to keep water out, you protect the concrete from damage and allow it to look great and perform well for many years longer than uncoated concrete.

Commercial traffic membrane systems also provide an extra level of comfort for the people who will visit your parking area. When concrete floors are drained properly and kept dry with traffic coatings, guests don’t have to worry about stepping in puddles or navigating their way through standing water. This also makes your parking area much safer because it reduces the odds of mishaps and falls on slippery, wet surfaces. A good membrane also decreases the chances that water will collect and freeze into hazardous ice slicks in the winter.

Best of all, a traffic membrane system makes your concrete garage floors easier to maintain and keep clean, which provides an attractive area that maintains its value over the years. With thousands of cars and heavy trucks passing over its surface, you want to protect your investment in your parking area, and Northwest Concrete Resurfacing can suggest the best products for your needs and install a customized solution for your commercial property. Put our extensive experience with traffic membrane systems to work for you.

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