Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic Compatible Membranes

Most commercial properties in the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area serve both pedestrian and vehicle traffic needs, and these surfaces require different treatments for appropriate waterproofing. Northwest Concrete Resurfacing takes into account the type of concrete as well as the type and amount of traffic it will support to make the appropriate membrane recommendations for your project. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here, but our expertise can guide you to a customized installation that’s right for the different areas of your property.

Whether you manage a medical center, educational facility, or apartment complex, most commercial properties include a network of walkways and balconies that must support pedestrian foot traffic. It is crucial to keep these areas well-maintained and free from gouges that can cause a tripping hazard. It is also important to protect the surface with a quality sealer and, for high-end applications, a decorative finish that will raise the aesthetic and monetary value of your property. Northwest Concrete Resurfacing can walk you through the range of products that will best preserve your walkways, and we will suggest the right number of coats for the best combination of a cost-effective and durable finish. We can also assess the condition of your current concrete to determine if it needs to be replaced or simply rejuvenated depending on your unique circumstances.

Unlike pedestrian walkways that often benefit from decorative finishes, vehicle traffic surfaces require extreme durability. Your parking garages and driveways should provide a smooth, strong surface to withstand the traffic your business attracts, and we can install the right coating to keep your concrete clean and reduce maintenance while sealing out water. We even offer ultra-durable, commercial decorative finishes for high-end entryways and porte-cochères for grand entrances to hotels, campuses, and medical facilities. Whatever your dream for your commercial property, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing in Seattle can make it a reality.

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