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concrete driveway resurfaced seattleDriving from the rough road to the comfort of your home would not be possible without a Seattle concrete driveway. More often than not, this concrete surface is taken for granted. It may be easy to ignore the cracks and spall offs that have started popping up on the surface but these need to be addressed immediately. Aside from the fact that it could get worse, it would affect curb appeal and the value of your property significantly. Fortunately, there are ways how you could improve its form and function without investing a considerable amount of money.

Recommended Decorative Driveway Solutions

Installing a new driveway may seem like the surest possible solution but it is not the most practical one. Not only will it cost more, it will also take longer to complete. Imagine the hassle of not being able to use your driveway for weeks or even a month! Decorative concrete offers solutions that could restore your current driveway but bringing it up a whole new level with enhanced appeal and improved function.

  • Driveway Resurfacing – If the top layer is weak and brittle, a great solution is to resurface the entire driveway with a newer and more durable coating or overlay. A concrete stamped driveway is popular because of the many design options it offers. Also, the stamped concrete brick, flagstone, or slate pattern on the overlay helps enhance the grip of tires on the surface, especially on sloped driveways.
  • Driveway Refinishing – Refinishing the driveway can immediately update its look with just the addition of a color stain or sealer. Driveways are prone to grease and oil stains and staining it would definitely cover those up and give it a fresh new color and shine, making the surface look almost brand new.
  • Driveway Repair – Damage is probably most expected on the driveway since it deals with frequent vehicular traffic and it is exposed to outdoor weather changes all the time. Common driveway issues include cracks, freeze-thaw damage, discoloration, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price range is $1200 – $3000.

$6 – $12 per square foot is the basic price range.

Pavement is less expensive than concrete but requires more repair over time. Concrete on the other hand is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and durable which can adjust to various weather. 

Yes. If you are considering the appearance of your driveway, concrete will make it clean and beautiful. Other than that, the product is durable that can last for more than 25 years. Your driveway will not be easily cracked because of heavy vehicles. Lastly, The price is cost-effective. 

According to Seattle Municipal Code, Title 15.72, property owners that have an adjacent sidewalk to their property are responsible for repairing cracks and other damages to ensure public safety.

Yes, as it is for everyone’s use.

Assess first what kind of damage you have. If it is a small crack, brush off some debris before applying a vinyl patching mix. As for bigger damages, you need to remove all debris. Next, place a form that is similar to your sidewalk. Place some an inch of sand and wet it. After mixing your concrete, pour it inside the form and spread it evenly, leaving no gaps. Then, leave it to dry out.

Sidewalk assessment validates asset data of over 34,000 blocks of the sidewalk. It also provides information that helps in the repairing efforts and creating a proactive repair program.

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