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A pool decking Seattle is an essential part of a pool area and a home in general. It gives pool users the space they need to walk around the pool, sunbathe, lounge, and hang out with family and friends. However, with time and usage, it can get pretty worn out. Fortunately, there are concrete pool deck repair Seattle methods that could bring it back to its original glory, if not better.

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Concrete Pool Deck Repair: Common Problems

Concrete is not an uncommon material for pool decks. It is durable, inexpensive, and versatile. However, it is subject to wear and tear. The most common problems that a concrete pool deck encounters are cracks, especially around the corners of the swimming pool. Another common issue is spalling or scaling. These are indications that the concrete surface has gone weak. Because the deck is outdoors and right beside a pool, it is often exposed to rain and pool water. This frequent exposure to water also causes the growth of mold or mildew, which are not only an eyesore but could also cause stains and affect slip-resistance.

Decorative Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

An existing slab with surface damage or cosmetic blemishes can be restored and made even more stunning. Decorative concrete resurfacing involves the installation of a coating or overlay to improve and enhance a pool deck. The most popular pool deck resurfacing options are:

  • Stamped Overlay – This overlay is a popular pool deck crack repair option. A thin layer of concrete mix is applied on top of a slab and then stamped with the desired pattern. Its popularity is due to the broad range of patterns and designs that it provides. No matter what look or theme you are going for in the pool area, a stamped concrete pool deck comes in various design option available for you.
  • Spray Texture – This is an acrylic concrete coating popular for its textured surface. The texture is a result of spraying the material on the slab and then knocking it down with a trowel. This is an ideal coating for the pool deck not only because of its non-skid texture but also for its high heat reflectivity. It does not absorb heat so it stays cool to the touch even if exposed to sunlight for several hours.

These decorative options can also be installed on newly installed concrete pool decks. Not only are these decorative, they are also slip-resistant, durable, and more economical than installing tile, stone, or other pool deck materials.

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