Wood and Concrete Traffic Membrane Systems

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Whether your commercial property features wooden decks and pedestrian boardwalks or concrete pool decks and parking garages, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing can provide the right membrane to weatherproof and protect your investment for years to come.

We got our start building and protecting wooden decks over thirty years ago, and we know from experience how a deck should be constructed for safety and durability. When you call us to reseal a wooden deck, we will inspect your project to make sure that it is in good repair first. After all, it does no good to just paint over structural problems, and our expertise can save you money in the long run. We can repair or replace portions of your deck that have deteriorated or install plywood deck systems that have the structural integrity to last without wracking or swaying. A deck that moves is more likely to cause future problems, and we can ensure that your project begins with a solid base of quality carpentry that is suitably rigid to support whatever coating you choose. We can also point you to the right topcoat for your project, whether you prefer a clear membrane or colorful stain. As we evaluate your site’s requirements, we’ll let you know whether a polyurethane or cement-based coating is right for you, and we can provide samples of the finish so you can make an informed decision about your deck.

If your commercial property includes a parking garage or parking deck with many levels, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing can also protect these areas with a membrane system. Parking decks are prone to damage as rain gets blown in or when vehicles come in wet from the rain. Commercial concrete floors that are properly drained and dried with the help of traffic coatings are free from puddles and standing water. The right membrane helps make the parking area safer. The surface won’t be too slippery from accumulated rain water that may harden to dangerous icy patches during winter.

Most importantly, wood and concrete traffic membranes make your surfaces easier to clean and virtually maintenance-free, making it an aesthetically-pleasing area that stays valuable for years to come. Northwest Concrete Resurfacing can suggest the most appropriate solution to any commercial property. Our extensive experience in decorative concrete refinishing decking systems and Seattle floor service will definitely benefit you.

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