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Although Northwest Concrete Resurfacing got its start with residential and commercial waterproofing, we’ve expanded our services to include a wide variety of exterior coatings and painting. 

A new concrete coating Northwest or paint color doesn’t just add value to your project because it looks sharp; it also offers valuable protection to the concrete surface underneath. 

This barrier between your building and the elements is crucial to keep concrete waterproofing coatings Seattle looking great for years to come.

Northwest Concrete Resurfacing can supply exterior paint and coatings for any type of concrete surface. Whether your job is a house, a hospital, or just the decorative concrete planters at your apartment complex, we can help. 

We’ll assess your concrete’s condition and your unique site requirements to choose the coating that will work best for your job. Experience counts: we’ve site-tested a wide variety of industrial products, so we know what works.

When you choose Northwest Concrete Resurfacing for your project, you don’t just get a great paint job. 

You also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your job was done with proper prep work so that you won’t incur the additional costs that come when contractors with less experience don’t do their due diligence. 

When the work is complete, we also provide you with a recommended maintenance plan for keeping your concrete and waterproof deck coating Seattle looking great in the coming years. 

Best of all, you can count on us to provide those maintenance services. Unlike fly-by-night upstarts, we’ve been in the business for over 30 years, which makes us a stable and consistent resource for any future needs.

We also do basement waterproofing, clear water repellent, traffic membrane systems and more! 

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