What to Do with Old and Boring Driveways?

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The plain old concrete driveways can get boring. You can give it a makeover. There are many options. You can have it colored, dyed or stained – whatever to get rid of the dull gray color. You can also put patterns on the surface. Or, you can have it textured.

Old driveways can also get cracks. You should fix them before focusing on the decorative aspect. A company that specializes in concrete projects like driveways and pool decks could suggest the best thing to do for a damaged old concrete driveway. If there are pits or the driveway is not leveled, the company will most likely recommend resurfacing before using overlays such as texture or stamps. It is the best move to make a concrete driveway look brand new again.

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Coloring or staining is the cheapest option when it comes to changing the look of a concrete driveway. Many companies use acid stains. There is a wide range of options when it comes to colors.

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If you want to change more than the color, you can choose to have the driveway stamped or engraved. Engraving is a great choice. The design lasts forever because they are carved onto the concrete driveway. The color will be applied before a machine is used to etch patterns on the surface. The lines would have a different color.

There are many choices on designs and colors for an old concrete driveway makeover. How could you know which one would be best? Consider the style of your house. Warm colors like brown and red would complement traditional-style houses. Hues of blue are usually great for modern homes. For patterns, natural patterns like those imitating stone are great for traditional homes. You should also maximize the use of overlays. For example, you can use two different patterns to distinguish which is for vehicles and which one is for pedestrians.

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