If you’ve got concrete surfaces around your Seattle home, you may not be doing all you can to maintain them. Decorative concrete Seattle is very durable and can last for years, but a few simple steps can help you avoid frequent costly repair and restoration. 
man pressure washing concrete driveway

1. Clean up that front yard! By sweeping your driveway regularly, you’re protecting it against stains from leaves and grass.

2. Don’t use strong chemicals on your concrete surfaces. This can cause degradation and cracking, leaving surfaces ugly and even dangerous. De-icing products should not be used for at least a year. If snow and ice is a problem, sand is a good alternative to provide traction.

3. Clean up any water spills. This can also stain and cause long-term damage if not dealt with right away. A degreaser may be needed for certain spills.

4. Reseal your concrete. This is best done within the first two years, or the first day in the case of decorative concrete. This reduces stains and makes the surface easier to clean. A UV sealer should be used if you’re worried about color fading.

5. Always follow the advice of your decorative concrete flooring Seattle contractor– they know what they’re talking about. They’ll be able to tell you the weight limit for your concrete surface, as well as the best products to clean it with. 

If you feel the concrete in your Seattle home is not looking the way it should speak to them first. They’ll be able to give you the best advice for any concrete maintenance, concrete repair and restoration Seattle

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