Polished Concrete vs. Tiles: What You Really Need to Know

Choosing a material for floors can be quite tricky because there are several options out there. Polished concrete and tile are two of the most popular but if you were to choose between the two, what would be the most ideal? Read on so you can be guided on choosing between concrete floor polishing and tile installation.

Design Spectrum

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Polished Concrete

When you think of design, you would immediately vote in favor of tile, right? Little do people know that polished concrete doesn’t just mean a shinier and more polished concrete surface because it, too, can be customized. After pros polish concrete, there is an option to stain, dye, engrave, or stencil the surface. Tile, on the other hand, is limited by a certain number of patterns.

Floor Longevity

If installed and sealed properly, a polished concrete floor can last almost a lifetime. Tile, although known as a durable material, may come to a point where one or more pieces need to be replaced. And if you don’t find the exact same color and design of the existing tile floor, you will have to replace the whole thing altogether. Polished surfaces that look damaged and old, on the contrary, can be renewed with a concrete polisher.

Ease of Maintenance

Tile floors are easy to clean and maintain but more so for polished commercial and residential concrete floors. Tile can easily be mopped and dried off but there is certain spillage that could stain it, especially if not wiped off immediately. Also, regular grout cleaning is required to prevent mold and mildew. As for polished concrete, it requires only some sweeping and dry mopping to keep it clean and shiny.

polished concrete seattle
Commercial Concrete Polishing

Energy Efficiency

Polished concrete surfaces are quite energy-efficient because of its ability to absorb heat in the daytime, as long as exposed to the sun’s rays, and release it later in the day to make rooms feel a lot warmer. For the shaded areas, it stays cool long enough to influence the actual temperature of a room, thus, helping you save on air conditioner costs. Tiles, on the other hand, also stays cool underfoot but remains so all throughout the day.

Polished Concrete Cost

Flooring cost is a very important factor in determining which material to go for, especially if you are on a strict budget. There are different types of costs to consider, such as installation and replacement. For installation, a polished floor may cost only a third of what tile costs because, unlike tile, you won’t have to purchase any actual floor materials, just contractor services and probably sealer or stain products. When it comes to replacement, polished concrete need not be replaced because it can be polished again to renew the look or to fix any damage. As for tiles, you need to purchase matching tile and grout for damaged areas.

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