Polished Concrete Seattle Maintenance

polished concrete seattlePolished floors, characterized by its smooth and shiny surface, are highly durable especially if made denser and sealed properly. A lot of homes and establishments in the “Emerald City”, that is Seattle, Washington, have resorted to the contemporary and elegant industrial look of polished concrete.

However, the harsh truth of reality is that nothing lasts forever. Polished concrete Seattle floors could lose its shine and develop a rough surface due to heavy foot traffic, weather changes, impact, and more. Fortunately, maintaining it is simple, fast, and easy.

Maintenance Checklist for Polished Concrete Floors Seattle

The level of maintenance required by a polished concrete floor Seattle depends on how much usage it is exposed to. Those with high traffic, mostly in a commercial setting, will require more frequent and more extensive cleaning than those used minimally. Regardless, here are the basic things one must check and do to ensure proper maintenance:

  • To prevent dirt from building up on the polished floor and reducing its shine, dry mop the surface with a microfiber pad.
  • Wet mopping is ideal for frequently used areas. Use a neutral floor cleaning product to help lift the dirt off the surface.
  • If using a floor cleaner, allow it to sit on the floor for a few minutes before wiping or rinsing it off. This will help give it time to break down stubborn dirt.
  • Do not let any cleaning solution to dry on the surface of the polished floor. It may contain ingredients that could affect the shine and strength of the floor if left on for too long.
  • Avoid any chemical-based cleaners that could dull the shine and weaken the concrete.
  • Although a sealer is often applied on polished floors as a top coat, it is still advisable to wipe out spills immediately to prevent absorption and stains.

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