5 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Concrete Patio Cool in the Seattle Summer

Summer in Seattle is a season of enjoyment and outdoor living, but your concrete patio may become unappealing when the sun shines brightly. Concrete surfaces absorb heat, which might distract from the enjoyment of your garden hideaway.

As the area’s top decorative concrete patio installers, we at Northwest Concrete Resurfacing recognize the value of a fantastic, pleasant patio in increasing your outdoor experience.

Here’s how to keep your concrete patio a relaxed getaway throughout summer.

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1- Opt for Light-Colored Concrete Finishes

Did you notice that the color of your concrete significantly impacts its temperature? Dark surfaces absorb more heat, but light-colored finishes reflect sunlight, keeping your patio cool. This basic science may dramatically improve your outdoor comfort.

Consider Resurfacing

For existing patios, patio resurfacing near me in lighter hues might be game changers. It’s more than just cooling; it’s an artistic statement that enhances your outdoor environment.

New Installations

If you’re considering installing a new patio in Seattle, choosing materials in white or beige will help you avoid the heat and prepare your place for summer success.

2- Apply a High-Quality Sealant

A high-quality sealer protects your patio from wear and tear and may also reflect UV rays, lowering the amount of heat the concrete absorbs. This step is sometimes ignored but is crucial for keeping an excellent patio surface.

UV-Resistant Options

Look for UV-resistant sealants to keep your patio comfortable and safe.

Dual Benefits

Sealants provide stain and weather resistance in addition to cooling, protecting the beauty and integrity of your patio for years to come.

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3- Install Patio Canopies or Awnings

Direct sunshine is your patio’s primary heat source. What’s the solution? Patio coverings and awnings can provide strategic shade.

Types of Covers

The possibilities range from permanent roof structures to retractable awnings. Each has its advantages, with permanent solutions giving continuous shade and retractables, allowing versatility.

Extended Living Space

A covered patio extends your house, allowing you to enjoy the outside even as the temperature rises.

4- Enhance with Landscaping

Nature has its way of cooling, and with the proper landscaping, your patio may reap the benefits. Trees, bushes, and plants offer shade and help cool the surrounding air, resulting in a naturally comfortable environment.

Climate-Friendly Plants

Choose plants that thrive in the Seattle climate, and consider their mature size for ideal shadowing.

Strategic Placement

Place the plants properly to provide maximum shade during peak sun hours, improving your outdoor space’s beauty and comfort.

5- Incorporate Water Features

Water has a cooling effect on its surroundings. A fountain, a small pond, or even an essential water feature may help to cool your patio by evaporating water.

Budget Friendly

Water features may be customized to match any area and Budget, making this cooling option accessible to everyone.

Sensory Benefits

Aside from the coolness, the sound and sight of water offer a peaceful dimension to your patio, increasing the relaxation element.

Ensuring Your Comfort with NW Concrete

Northwest Concrete Resurfacing understands how difficult it is to keep your concrete patio cool and comfortable throughout the warm months in Seattle. 

Our experience in concrete patio installation and resurfacing positions us as the go-to pros for producing the most excellent patios in Seattle. 

Whether choosing the correct materials, applying protective sealants, or advising on the best landscaping and features for your area, we’re here to make your patio a sanctuary of comfort and design.

Why Choose Professional Patio Contractors?

  • Expertise: selecting the proper materials and finishes may be tricky. Our expertise guarantees that your patio looks terrific and performs adequately to meet your requirements.
  • Quality: As experienced concrete patio installers, we promise high quality and guarantee that your patio will survive many years.
  • Peace of Mind: Choosing patio installation Seattle experts for your project provides less stress. We handle the details, from concept to implementation, resulting in a smooth procedure and a magnificent outcome.


Your outdoor living environment should provide relaxation rather than discomfort. With this advice and the assistance of NW Concrete, your concrete patio may become the cool, pleasant refuge you’ve always desired. 

Remember that the secret to a lovely summer patio is about the construction and how it is maintained and improved.

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