The Importance of Waterproofing for Basement

newly constructed basement

Of course, you need to waterproof the basement. Tubes and pipes from your home’s kitchen, bathroom go down here.

Sometimes the basement flooring floods from leaking pipes. You will not even have a clue if this happens. So it is necessary to have Seattle basement waterproofing. Give the underground floors care while they stay hidden beneath the stairs, out of sight.

To tell you more about the importance of waterproofing the basement, read today’s post!

  1. Save Functional Space in Your Home

When constant drops of water from the pipes at the ceiling hit the basement’s concrete flooring, the surface will easily acquire dents and holes. The uneven surface is not okay. It’s not only for the interiors but also on your basement floors.

See the difference when you protect the slabs. The floors in the basement will not look old and neglected. Instead of using this part of the home storage, you can have it renovated into a room for entertainment or other essential activities. A guest room or a private office is perfect here.

2. Protect the Home’s Foundation

Waterproofing the basement acts as a protection to the home’s foundation. Because the basement is the one closest to the underground, the floors are prone to water seepage. If the slabs happen to have cracks moist from the ground, the soil may seep on the surface, causing the concrete flooring to weaken and crumble.

basement undergoing waterproofing outside

3. Prevent Molds Build Up

Most basement flooring will have concrete as the base material. And concrete floors tend to wear faster when left exposed to moisture. With not enough waterproofing, an enclosed space with contrite on the steps will attract molds.

moldy room

Molds building up in your basements are also the reason for the smell of the dead in the underground rooms. It’s not Dracula or the Crypt Keeper. Nothing to be scared of. But you sure need to worry about molds building their colony in your basement.

So, here is what you need waterproofing for. It benefits not only the floors but also you as the owner. The molds damage the concrete surface and bring illness to someone who gets in contact with them.

4. Blocks Pests

Have you ever wondered what pests such as roaches and rats make lore in the basement? They love when the palace seems empty and abandoned. What attracts the pest is the cold, moldy, and wet, dark area.

Wet floors from leaks and water seepage only means that no one is taking care of the area.

Here is how waterproofing helps. You would prevent all the above-mentioned reasons and ultimately stop the pests from burrowing in the basement.

Lastly, check out some of these unpopular reasons why the basement needs waterproofing.

  • The surface remains damp and dry for regular use
  • Waterproofing extends the floors’ lifespan
  • Waterproofing reduces damages, cost-saving from heavy and frequent repairs
  • Waterproof floors help create a functional flooring space ready for quick revamp
  • Dry and moist-free flooring is safe to walk on and comfortable to use

With these reasons mentioned, you should at least consider looking for a contractor specializing in waterproofing basements. This will help protect your basements today and in the future.

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