5 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Pool Deck Repair Contractor

In Seattle alone, there are a handful of pool deck repair contractors available so it can be quite tricky choosing the one suitable for you. Narrowing it down to just two or three still does not make the choice easy. So, how do you weigh your options? Here are important factors you need to know to help you decide.

contractor fixing the deck on the pool

Years of Experience

One of the most reliable companies is one that has been in the business for several years and has managed to maintain its place in the industry. More years of experience means the contractor is very familiar with the industry and with the various concrete pool deck issues and solutions.

License and Insurance

Some are too shy to ask about licenses and insurance but you should not be. This is a standard procedure and contractors are more than willing to present the paperwork as proof, well, the legal ones at least. Ask if they are licensed to do work in your area and if they are insured. You can even go as deep as asking about the team, making sure that the driver has a driver’s license.

Recommendations and References

If you have yet to find a contractor, you can ask family and friends if they know one they could recommend. If you are dealing with a local contractor, ask if they have done some work near your property. Also, ask for the contact info of some people they have worked for. Contact their previous customers and kindly explain that you are looking to hire the company they have recently hired but would want to know their experience before doing so.


Every reputable pool deck repair company has a portfolio with quality images of projects they have handled. Any proud contractor would record a job they know they have done well. A reliable and skilled contractor would proudly show you their portfolio. But if they won’t, then consider it a red flag. They might be hiding something (like a botched job).

Timeframe and Cost Estimate

Meet with a potential contractor and discuss the pool deck repair you need. They should be able to give you a time frame of how long the process would be and how much it would cost. Do not hire someone just because they can do it faster, ask to see recent projects they have handled if they are able to provide quality results and meet deadlines.

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