Using Color to Deal with Pool Deck Stains and Discoloration

The concrete pool deck, just like any other concrete surfaces, is prone to ugly stains and the natural discoloring that concrete goes through. While these are harmless, it can be very upsetting to look at. It makes the pool deck look old and unkempt. Fortunately, the mere addition of color is an effective pool deck repair option. Not only do you get to cover up the unpleasant stains, you also get to update the pool deck with a brand new look. Here are some stained concrete color suggestions you could try when dealing with pool deck stains and concrete discoloration.

  • Sandy White Beachseattle classic texture

White and beige hues would look great on a pool deck. It would certainly give the illusion of a sandy white beach especially under the glimmer of the sun. More than that, light colors are also beneficial. It helps reflect heat back instead of absorbing it, keeping the pool deck temperature low and cool. This color palette is one of the most popular among residential and commercial pool decks.


  • Closer to Naturebrick pool deck seattle

A palette of natural stone colors is a great option especially for pool decks that have lots of greenery and landscapes around it. A stamped stone pattern would look even more rustic and natural with concrete staining. Popular colors for this type of design concept are earthy tones like brown, terracotta, tan, green, and some reds.


  • Cool and Contemporarypool deck contractor Seattle

If you want a contemporary and refreshing look, blues and grays are the best hues for that. You would be amazed at the many shades of blue and gray available. These colors can be applied on plain concrete or as an additional enhancement to a spray-down or stamped pool deck. The great thing about this color palette is that it makes the pool water appear bluer and more refreshing.


  • An Outdoor Masterpiecedecorative pool deck Seattle

For the bold and creative, an artistic design would be more satisfactory. You can use multiple colors of concrete stain to create a specific design or pattern. Go wild with patterns and splashes of color. You can color the entire pool deck or just put designs in chosen sections, like on the pool coping or on deck borders. Not only will these make your pool deck a masterful work of art, it will make you forget that it was unpleasantly stained and discolored before it got its new artistic look.

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