5 Notable Benefits of Decorative Concrete in Homes and Commercial Spaces

Sometimes, property owners worry about restoring the concrete surfaces in existing homes or businesses. Although it would have been better-building everything from scratch, it would have been a lot more expensive. Fortunately, decorative concrete solutions have been developed to restore old concrete. Now, it became a huge trend and resurfacing and refinishing projects have been yielding positive results. But why should you choose it? These top 5 benefits will definitely make you want to install decorative concrete overlays and coatings on your floors, too.

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  • Resistant to Scratches

Most types of flooring and paving materials can get scratched by sharp objects, heavy walking, and more. Decorative concrete is designed to be resistant to getting worn out that easily. As long as it is properly installed, the overlay should be able to stay intact and look brand new for a longer time.

  • Low Maintenance

Concrete overlays and coatings are often sealed after it has fully dried and cured. This top layer is applied to protect the surface and to add a bit of shine. Another good reason for a sealer to be applied is to seal the pores of the concrete. This means any dirt, debris, and the liquid stays on the surface, never absorbed. Therefore, cleaning is easier and maintenance regimens and products are not necessary.

  • Eco-Friendly

Restoring concrete spaces with decorative concrete is one of the most sustainable options available today. Aside from reducing the carbon footprint caused by new cement production, it also lowers the unnecessary waste that is sent to the landfill.

  • Budget-Friendly

Retaining the existing concrete and enhancing or improving it with the mere addition of an overlay or coating makes decorative concrete an inexpensive method. Not to mention how much you will save from future repairs, maintenance, labor, and material.

  • Design Options

More often than not, affordable services are those that offer limited design options. Not with decorative concrete. In fact, it provides a wide plethora of design options, from color all the way to pattern. Property owners will surely find a design that best suits their needs and wants.

These are just some of the benefits of decorative concrete. With just 5 items on this list, it is already evident how it is an ideal option for residential and commercial property owners, regardless of what price point you belong to. Consult a pro to learn more about the benefits of decorative concrete and get a quick quote while you are at it.

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