Precautions to be Taken Before a Commercial Flooring Resurfacing Job

resurfacing job on commercial flooring is one of the most practical investments business owners choose to make nowadays. If you are one of those who is having a new overlay or coating installed, it is crucial that you take precautionary steps in preparing the area you want to be resurfaced. You do not just hire a pro and let them prepare the space by himself. While some contractors are kind enough to do extra work for you, some might not be too keen and would charge you for it. Since you know your business space well, it is highly recommended that you do preparatory steps that would ensure the success of the installation and to prevent accidental damage to your establishment.

Clear the Area

Remove everything that is on the floor you want to be resurfaced. This includes furniture, electronic devices, appliances, equipment, and anything else you might have. This will save installation time since all the installers have to do is layout the new material. Some installers can move the furniture for you but don’t expect them to take extra care with it. If you want to make sure that your stuff is moved properly and with utmost care, do it with a few of your employees.

Cover and Protect Nearby Items

If there are things that you can’t just move out of the way or at least far from the job site, cover them up with wide plastic sheets. This way, any splatter of overlay or coating won’t get on them.

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Check the Doors

Check to see if the door would be able to accommodate the additional layer of commercial flooring. If the door fits snugly to the floor right now, you might need to have it trimmed to make space for the new floor.

Waste Disposal

Discuss what will be done to any trash or waste collected from the project. A reliable contractor should have a plan for this, which could be a rental dumpster or any other option.

If possible, try to discuss all these with your contractor upon initial consultation. This will give the both of you an idea of what the work scope is so you may make plans and adjustments. If the contractor says they will take care of it, make sure to ask if it will be charged to you or if it will be a complementary service from their company.

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