Acid Staining & Maintenance

All of us understand that regular maintenance of machinery is important. But there are many that disregard concrete maintenance.

Yep, you read that right, concrete maintenance. Most concrete companies, including Stained Concrete Seattle, recommend simple maintenance following acid treatment.

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Experts on Maintenance

So what do the experts, like Acid Stained Concrete Seattle, expect? Basically keeping the treated concrete clean and removing oil and other solvent stains before they become ingrained.

This means for example if Staining Concrete Seattle acid-treated your driveway and one of your friends’ visits in an old pick-up truck that spits oil like a 1970’s British Triumph motorcycle, make sure you slide a large sheet of cardboard under the engine to catch everything that falls. Regular hosting of acid-stained concrete is also a must.

iving room with a well-stocked liquor bar, featuring comfortable seating, warm lighting, and stylish decor

For those folks in the Seattle area who yearn to know, in detail, what types of maintenance are best for a new stained concrete area, check with Stained Concrete Seattle and learn from the pros. Maintenance is not something to lose sleep over; common sense is the best teacher. With regular concrete housework Acid Stained Concrete Seattle tell us that the colors and designs will last many years.

Without simple maintenance or housekeeping you’ll find, after a few years, that the coloring has faded, the designs are chipped and the entire concreted area looks awful. Staining Concrete Seattle, as mentioned above, are there to assist you with maintenance advice so that the concreted areas around or inside your house will give you years of decorative flooring service – just watch out for your friend’s car.

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