Factors That Make Concrete The Best Material for Commercial Pool Decks

When it comes to commercial swimming pools, choosing the right decking material is a carefully made decision. Pools that are open to public use have to meet specific demands for sanitation and safety. You want to make sure you invest on a pool deck material that meets these demands without compromising aesthetic value. Here we give you the factors that make concrete the material of choice for commercial pool decks.

commercial pool decks


When it comes to business, your priority is always the well-being and benefit of your customers. With that being said, ensuring the safety of swimmers is a top consideration. Innovations in concrete coating and overlay applications remove the hazards of slippery concrete pool decks. Concrete stamping, resurfacing and cool decking applications help you achieve a non-hazardous environment in your pool area.


Commercial swimming pools are open to constant use and foot traffic. Concrete has the advantage of time-tested durability the other decking materials lack. You want to make sure that the material you’re investing on won’t require too much maintenance and repair. This saves you time and money and keeps your business running smoothly.

Heat Resistance

Hot summer days can cause scalding when walking barefoot on a concrete pool deck. Not anymore. With kool decking, a special coating can be applied on concrete surfaces to provide maximum heat resistance. This allows swimmers to comfortably walk around your pool area making for a more enjoyable experience.


Aesthetics is one of the most important things you have to consider when choosing a pool deck material. Commercial swimming pools have to be inviting and pleasing to the eyes to attract swimmers. With concrete pool decks, you are free to completely customize the look of your pool area. Concrete overlays and coatings give you an endless array of patterns, textures and color to achieve the design you want.

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