Using Color Psychology on Commercial Floors to Attract More Customers

When planning to redo commercial flooring, the most common focus is on the type of material, the texture of the surface, its sustainability, and how functional it will be. As a business owner, have you ever thought about the color of the flooring? More often than not, color falls under the category of secondary factors that will influence a flooring decision. However, in the commercial world, it might just be the most important.

colored commercial interior floors

Color Psychology and its Benefits

Color psychology is a study of colors and how it can influence human behavior. It is often used by artists, interior designers, and even marketing experts. There is something in a color that triggers the senses. A restaurant, for example, will garnish their food with colorful vegetables to make it look more sumptuous. In company logos, it is easy to determine which ones are formal and which ones are fun.

  • Color psychology helps create the right reaction among potential customers
  • It helps captivate the interest of a target audience
  • It contributes to the overall satisfaction of a client
  • In some way, it could trigger a certain action without words, like making a purchase.
  • It can help boost business profit
  • Color psychology can enhance and improve business employees

Using Color Psychology in Commercial Flooring Projects

The color you choose for your business establishment will greatly influence the behavior of your potential clients.

  • If you have a red floor, it can increase the heart rate of a customer, making them more alert and excited. This is perfect for car showrooms, restaurants, archery schools, and more.
  • Blue, on the other hand, enhances the concentration and focus of the staff, thus, increasing productivity significantly. This is why you would see blue more incorporate rooms and offices.
  • Yellow is a great color to use in businesses that are fun and creative. A marketing firm, a toy store, and an events organization office will benefit from these.

Whatever color you choose for your commercial flooring, make sure that it is a color you are comfortable with. Popular methods to add color our concrete designs. When the time comes that your concrete floor starts to look for dull and unpleasant, choose to change it to a color that would be most suitable to your industry, the target audience you want to reach, and the emotion you want to invoke in them.

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