4 Tips in Preparing Concrete for Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete is a durable paving and flooring material but due to exposure to harmful elements, it could become ugly and damaged. Property owners are no longer afraid that this would happen because there is a solution that lets them address the issues without replacing the current slab: Concrete Resurfacing Seattle. But before any coating or overlay can be applied, preparation is a crucial step to take. No matter how incredibly effective and durable a coating is, if the concrete it was applied on is not properly prepared, then it could fail miserably. So, before installing, make sure that the slabs are ready.

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Make Sure It Is Clean

Dirt, dust, and grime could keep the coating from adhering properly to the surface of the concrete. Sweep off any loose dirt away from the surface. Pressure wash the surface to remove the stubborn ones. If there are some oil or grease on the surface, put some sawdust on it, leave it overnight, and then sweep it off the next day. Sawdust is effective in absorbing oils.

Dry It Well

Make sure that the concrete slab is completely dry before applying the coating. Air-drying is highly recommended but only if you have enough time before the installation process. If not, one way to speed up the drying process is by using an electric fan to dry it.

The Slab Should Be Structurally Sound

This means it should not have any major damage that could affect how much it could hold out after the coating has been applied. One way to determine if the steel structure within the slab has rusted is to check cracks for any rust-colored stains. It often looks like liquid rust oozing out from the cracks.

Repair Surface Issues

Any blemish or issue on the surface of the concrete must be addressed and repaired. Cracks should be filled, brittle layers must be ground off, and the source of moisture issues must be dealt with.

No matter what type of coating or overlay you intend to use, the slab must be in the best condition to make it adhere effectively. If you are unsure of the right way to clean and prepare it, consult a pro who specializes in concrete resurfacing. They should be able to inspect and assess the current condition of your concrete and then prepare it until it is eligible to be resurfaced.

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