Choosing Decorative Concrete Resurfacing for your Seattle Business

Your Seattle business needs a concrete surface that could hold up to a heavy amount of foot traffic and evokes a beautiful and unique look that could distinguish your business identity. Whether you own a grocery store, a car dealership, a hotel or whatever that is your business offers, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing does all the quality decorative concrete resurfacing jobs and more.

Decorative Concrete vs. Conventional Concrete

Decorative concrete is, first of all, an overlay or a resurfacing of an existing concrete. It’s not a new concrete installation. For business owner, this means that you’ll be saving time and money. Decorative concrete resurfacing for Seattle can be installed in the fastest way possible because applying coatings and other resurfacing techniques requires very little time for curing before it can be used again.

Commercial Decorative Concrete

Conventional concrete is plain and boring. It doesn’t appeal much, even if you have a beautiful interior design for your business. For it to be stylish and complementary to your business’ culture and vibe, additional flooring materials must be placed on the surface (carets, vinyl, tiles, etc.) With concrete resurfacing, there is no need for this anymore. Concrete resurfacing enhances your surrounding and blends in with the overall theme of your commercial space. You don’t have to pay extra for additional designs and accessories for your concrete space. It can be customized in any way possible to achieve the specific theme that your business needs.

Wide Variety of Customization Options

Decorative concrete resurfacing for Seattle businesses include a wide selection of options that these companies create custom feels for their interior and exterior and blends perfectly with their culture, color scheme and customer appeal.

High-rise Polished Concrete Floor

To create colorful concrete colors, staining and dying can do the job for your concrete surface. Stamping can also provide the look and feel of any material. It could look like stone, wood, tile and everything in between. Polished coatings can apply a mirror-like finish to your concrete surface, making it look as if it’s real marble and sealing it from moisture and stains.

When it comes to the best and premium quality decorative concrete resurfacing in Seattle, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing is the contractor that has the experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of decorative concrete. We can basically provide for the enhancements of all commercial spaces and establishments in the Seattle area.

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