Why Decorative Concrete Overlays Rock

commercial-concrete-coating-seattle-waDecorative Concrete Overlays are one of the newest techniques when it comes to maximizing the beauty of your commercial and residential concrete space. It creates a professional look and has a durable finish.

For creative and quality concrete commercial design projects, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing ensures that our designs are exactly what you want. Your preference is a very important factor to us, and we want to honor that very much. We are able to use different materials and ideas in fresh, creative ways to come up with endless possibilities for your concrete resurfacing, concrete coatings and concrete overlays.

You can also have your home’s exterior appear to have a cobblestone, slate, natural stone, brick and even a geometric modern design finish. We can help you come up with the best design for your home with advanced decorative concrete techniques.

Concrete stamp overlays is a technique that creates molds that imitate many kinds of natural and organic designs. Decorative concrete is also essential for your pool decks, driveways and patios using concrete resurfacing.

Concrete overlays are the good choice for the enhancement and restoration of your concrete. We use a thin overlay applied as a broom finish to rejuvenate a worn out concrete space, giving it a whole new look that beautifies a dull concrete surface.

Concrete overlays are advantageous because they can be applied over an existing concrete surface (hence the term overlay). A limitless new look is created. Concrete overlays have a variety of applications, color and texture and can be stamped, stained and broom finished. Overlays have been around for over 30 years (same as our company) and they come in many forms: thin resurfaces, stamp mixes and polyurea coatings. Each has its own quick application method and it also allows us to be creative (with your preference of course) with the final design of the concrete overlay job.

If you have an expensive taste but a tight budget, Northwest Concrete Resurfacing  is for you. We can help you create interior and exterior design and application options that exude luxury and has a high quality and durable performance. Call us today (206) 922-4612 for a fast, FREE estimate or might as well visit out page at http://www.NWConcreteResurfacing.com/

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