5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool Deck Repair Method

decorative concrete overlays seattleIf you are a resident of Seattle, WA and you want to have your concrete pool deck repaired, make sure you choose the right type of repair system. Thanks to innovation and technology, there is an increase in the number of concrete repair options available today. While it is fun to be able to plan to transform your old, boring pool deck into something more captivating. If you are faced with several repair options and are not sure which one you should choose, here are important factors you should consider to help you come up with a logical decision:

1. What Type of Damage Does the Concrete Pool Deck Have?

In every repair job, it is very important to assess the pool deck to find out what damages it has acquired and what caused it. Being able to determine the real cause will make it easier to choose which type of repair method is needed. Make sure to let a pro do the assessment. They are more skilled and experienced to find the underlying cause of any damage on the deck.

2. How Often is the Pool Deck Used?

The type of coating or overlay used on a pool deck may also depend on how much traffic it endures day in and day out. If traffic is high, the pool deck needs something that is strong enough to withstand frequent splashes of water, foot traffic, weight, and more.

3. Is it an Indoor or Outdoor Pool Deck?

There are certain pool deck repair products that are not very fond of the sun and its UV rays. Make sure to choose a repair product or material that is designed for outdoor use. These are often tougher and more durable against climatic changes.

4. How Urgent is the Repair?

If the repairs need to be done immediately in time for a party or to prevent further damage, choose a repair method that requires just a few days to install. Also, keep customization at a minimal level. Intricate designs and manual concrete staining may take time to complete.

5. How Much are You Willing to Invest?

Budget is a huge factor in choosing a pool deck repair method. You have to choose something that fits your budget, making sure that it does not compromise the quality of the results. Consult a concrete contractor and ask for a cost estimate.

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