4 Fun Epoxy Designs For Your Garage Floors

We all know about the great benefits that come with an epoxy garage floor including its remarkable durability, longevity, and affordability. But epoxy also has great versatility and can be customized to fit the personality of your home and the vibe you want to give in your garage.

So if you’re looking into epoxy garage floors and want to know what you could get with your new garage floors, these are 4 fun designs that might be able to help inspire your choice:

#1 Marble Floor

If you’ve ever envied the appearance of real marble floors, consider getting the marble effect with your epoxy garage floors. 

This can be done with any color but we particularly suggest white or black for this effect to look its best. Your epoxy contractor can use a few tones of white or black and grey and mix the colors together to blend them into an effect that resembles the coloring and pattern of marble. Top it off with a high gloss to give a pop to your garage floors.

#2 Glittery Epoxy Floor

Glitter is a popular element to add to epoxy flooring. It can give a reflective and shiny look to any garage floor. It is achieved by mixing a high volume of glitter (which can be any color of your choice or holographic) into the epoxy and mixing well before applying.

When the epoxy dries, there will be glitter embedded into the garage floors. It’s a fun option for anyone looking to inject personality into their floors.

#3 Brightly Colored Epoxy Floor

An alternative to the use of solid white, black, or another neutral color can be the use of a solid bright color to really give a punch of life to your garage. 

Colors like a bright icy blue, green, or a summery yellow may not seem like the obvious choice for an epoxy garage floor but it can be a unique addition to your home. And because it is an epoxy floor, any stains that would usually show up on a light color can be easily removed because of the easy-to-clean nature of epoxy. 

#4 All-black Epoxy Floor

If you’re looking for a minimalist option for your garage floors, you may be hesitant to try out the other options of this list that feature more out-of-the-box ideas. 

In that case, consider a perfectly black floor for maximum dramatic effect in your garage that is still simple and easy to style. Not only does it make cleaning easier and more simple, but it also is a classic and timeless choice for the garage. 

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