What Is the Best Kind of Epoxy for Your Garage?

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When it comes to garage floor resurfacing options, epoxy is often the first thing that comes to mind. It’s an incredibly strong and resilient material that is also cheaper than other options for garage floors. But epoxy does not just come in one type; in fact, there are many kinds of epoxy floors that you can get for your garage. But which is the best option for you? We break it down:

Epoxy floor coating

epoxy floor coating

Perhaps the most popular epoxy flooring option for garages, epoxy floor coatings are applied by painting on layers of epoxy onto concrete floors. Epoxy coatings can come in three types: solvent-based, water-based, and 100% solids. The type you choose will often determine the cost of the installation as well as the ease by which it can be applied. 

Epoxy floor coatings, along with epoxy sealant, provide a good amount of strength to garage floors, but they are not made to be a heavy-duty flooring solution. They can also be customized with color pigments and metallic effects.

Best for: People who want more durability in their garage floors, but who are not expecting heavy traffic over their floors

Epoxy chip floors

epoxy chip floors

Epoxy chip floors use three layers of different materials to be able to provide garage floors that are medium-to-high build. On the base, an epoxy floor coating is applied. While the epoxy is still wet, vinyl chips are evenly broadcast over the epoxy. They come in a variety of colorways and are a way of providing both extra strength and design to epoxy floors. Once the vinyl chips have been evenly set, a durable and UV-stable polyaspartic sealer is applied on top. 

Epoxy chip floors are most often used in industrial properties, but they have become extremely popular for home garages among homeowners looking for more durability.

Best for: People who need something stronger and more durable than regular epoxy coated floors and for those looking for a unique epoxy floor

Epoxy slurry floors

epoxy slurry floors

If your garage floors are in a bad state, an epoxy slurry application is perhaps the best and most cost-effective option. They are a true resurfacing solution in that they cover up old floors that have gone through serious wear-and-tear.

An epoxy slurry is made up of regular epoxy mixed in with aggregates, slurry powder, or finely-grained silica. The combination creates a thick and dense flooring material that can effectively cover up old pits and cracks in the concrete. It can also be customized with color like a regular coating.

Best for: People who need a cost-effective and resilient garage floor resurfacing option to avoid ripping out and completely replacing their old floors

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