How Concrete Resurfacing Repairs Garage Floors

Garages can really take a beating from vehicle traffic and other damaging factors. This makes it less attractive than any other concrete area. Fortunately, garage floor resurfacing options aren’t just concrete applications that only focus on aesthetics. Resurfacing can correct numerous issues found in garage flooring. Depending on the coating or overlay system you choose, it can also enhance the functional qualities of the concrete floor.

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Concrete Garage Floor Issues

  • Minor Cracks – Cracks are bound to appear on concrete surfaces. It will commonly occur in areas that receive high traffic volume like the garage. With that being said, don’t stress too much about these because you can always turn to concrete resurfacing. Minor cracks are patched up during surface prep and after the overlay application, your garage floor is as good as new.
  • Pitting and Spalling – If your garage floors are looking profoundly rough, it’s probably because of pitting and spalling. These make your garage flooring look scarred and less than pleasing to the eyes. Resurfacing transforms scarred floors into a smooth and seamless concrete surface.
  • Stained or Faded Areas – Garage floors are exposed to the auto fluid and other chemicals stored in the area. This makes it prone to oil, grease and rust stains making it look patchy and spotted. Stains can be quite difficult to remove after a while. If you are experiencing this problem, there is still hope for your besmirched floors. These stains are removed during surface preparation and stubborn ones that leave marks will be covered up and out of sight.

What’s the best coating for garage floor resurfacing?

Epoxy floor coating is considered the best option when it comes to concrete resurfacing garage floors. This is because it provides a smooth seamless surface with industrial-grade durability. With epoxy coatings, the aforementioned garage flooring issues can be treated and prevented. With this stain-resistant, durable and seamless flooring, your garage floors will look and stay brand new. Experience it for yourself.

Garage floors should be treated with the expertise of an experienced concrete flooring contractor. Make sure to call one near you when considering improvement projects for your garage. If you want to know more about garage floor resurfacing in Seattle, visit our homepage. For related content and more interesting articles feel free to read through our blog.

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