Options for Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Old school thinking is that when your concrete becomes discolored, cracked or uneven, you must rip out the old and replace it with new! This is no longer necessarily the case as many new technological advancements in pool deck resurfacing have become available. Many of these options are far less costly and infinitely less disruptive.

Determine your Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

In many cases, there will be a variety of opportunities in resurfacing pool decks at your disposal. By contacting a reputable and professional decorative concrete service, they will inspect your existing surfaces to determine your available options. In some cases where very deep cracks or crevices are hampering the structural integrity of the concrete surface, your options may be more limited.

This is normal as the concrete begins to age and settle unto the earth below. Minor cracks and fissures may not be an issue, as these very often occur with drastic freeze/thaw conditions of weather. But to be safe, contact a professional before making any plans or spending valuable time and financial resources.

Concrete Staining

This is one form of pool deck overlay option that is very inexpensive and easy to implement. The color choices are nearly unlimited, but a professional concrete resurfacing service can help you to determine which stain will work best with your type of existing concrete. Not all concrete is made with the same chemicals and ingredients, so stains can have a varied effect on each concrete surface.

This is part of the appeal of the stain as one of the available solutions for pool decks. No two processes look identical. Because each concrete surface has its own individual properties, the stain seeps into the concrete in a different manner and at a different rate. When this occurs, a certain and individual transparent effect begins to take place, providing shadows and effects that can mimic polished marble or even wood grains.

Concrete Stamping

This form of pool deck solution can work with or without stains. It is a process of creating a stamped design that involves pouring a smooth top coat of fresh concrete onto the existing concrete surface. The stamped designs can be used to create a look of flagstone, brick, multi-dimensional pavers, and even hardwood flooring.

Concrete stamping for the pool deck also enhances the safety factor around the pool by creating a textured surface that adds extra traction for slippery surfaces. This not only enhances the outdoor beauty of the pool area while increasing safety considerations but is a tremendous advantage in the increase of resale values of the home.

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