Achieve Showroom-Worthy Garage Floors with Epoxy Coating

So finally you’re able to achieve the car of your dreams. There’s no question that a dream car is worth investing on but do you ever think about your garage floors? Every car owner should be able to upgrade their garage floor. Crack and stained slabs of gray concrete aren’t exactly fitting for the gleam and shine of your automobile. It’s time to cut your auto and garage some slack and give it the flooring it deserves. Here’s how you can achieve showroom worthy garage floors with epoxy floor coating.

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Renew Worn Down Floors

If your garage floors have been worn down over the years, a self-leveling high build epoxy system is a good choice. This epoxy flooring system effectively restores deteriorating concrete floors. It fills in cracks, spalling and mildly profiled concrete.

Self-leveling high build epoxy provides a smooth seamless surface for your garage floor. It’s commonly used in industrial and commercial establishments. Expect heavy-duty durability that can withstand vehicle traffic through the years.

Opt for a Metallic Sheen

If you want to add a stylish flair to your garage floors, metallic epoxy is the flooring system for you. The reflective sheen of fine metallic pigment makes garage floors as visually appealing as it is functional. It’s perfect for car enthusiasts who want floors that will complement the look of their automobile.

Different textures and visual effects can be applied according to what suits your taste. 3-D effects like craters and lava-like swirls make for a bold design statement. It’s durable, easy to clean and looks like a million bucks.

Single Out a Solid Color

For a seamless and put-together look, solid colored all-purpose coating systems are a great option. Go for a solid white color to increase light reflectivity or any color of your choice. Solid colored epoxy floors are great for visually increasing a concrete space.

All-purpose coating systems simplify maintenance and cleaning. Along with its stain resistance and durability, it’s practical functions are made for garage flooring.

Add Some Texture

If solid colors all throughout aren’t as interesting for you, add some texture with color flake systems or quartz epoxy systems. You’ll still get the advantage of a smooth and seamless surface. However, it won’t have to compromise aesthetics.

In color flake epoxy systems, colored vinyl chips that come in various colors are used. Metallic color chips are also available. Colored quartz granules are used for quartz epoxy systems. Both result in a textured and colored look for your garage floors.

Epoxy floors aren’t just for garages. Epoxy flooring aesthetic and functionality innovations have made them a great flooring choice for other areas of the home as well. Decorative innovations have made it a great flooring choice for other areas of the home as well. Industrial and commercial establishments also prefer epoxy floor coatings. Don’t miss out! If you want to know more about epoxy coating systems or garage floor epoxy in Seattle, visit our homepage.

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