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If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal and the usefulness of your garage, then it is advisable for you to research some of the hot garage flooring coatings that you can use. A garage floor may hold damaging substances and elements that may cause its quick deterioration so you have to look for a cover that is capable of protecting it. You actually have a lot of choices for floor coatings for both residential and commercial garages. These range from simple and affordable products to more sophisticated and expensive ones. Some of your best choices are the following:

Epoxy Coating

This is perfect for resurfacing applications and is effective in patching up all the exposed floor surfaces. This is a good choice because of its proven durability, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of the coating for years.  Before applying this, you have to make sure that the entire floor surface is already clean. You can also choose from the different setting styles of this type of coating which include thermosetting, single and dual components, and radiation curing. Coating your garage floor with epoxy is a good way to make it look even more attractive while protecting it from damages caused by harsh elements.


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Polyurethane Coating

This is another of the many hot garage flooring coatings that are available in the market at present. This is a good choice because of its hard-wearing and elastic nature. In fact, polyurethane is known to be more elastic than epoxy coating. One of the major advantages of this type of coating is that it is less prone to being worn out over time even if it is constantly exposed to sunlight. The thermosetting and the thermoplastic styles are best used for this purpose. This is one of the best coatings not only on garage floors but also on athletic tracks, gymnasium, playgrounds, and dance halls. Polyurethane coating is also a good choice because of its ability to resist water and its penetration.

Garage Floor Mat

You can also use this to coat your garage floors. The good thing about garage floor mats is that they are economical and can be quickly and easily installed. Aside from that, the floor mat has the ability to improve the appearance of your garage floor. Garage floor mats are affordable for their price of fewer than two dollars per square foot. The good thing about this choice is that you can conveniently purchase it online. You can use the floor mat to produce a seamless look in your small garage.


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Latex or Acrylic Based

This is one of those hot garage flooring coatings that you can get at an affordable price. You can usually find this type of coating at home improvement stores and hardware. But because latex and acrylic coatings are incapable of resisting abrasive and harsh elements just like epoxy paints and poly-based coatings, you can expect them to easily scratch. These are also not as durable as epoxy so it is best for you to go for other solutions if you can afford them.

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