How Concrete Resurfacing is Done

There are many misconceptions when it comes to both concrete resurfacing and remodeling. Many people who would like to have their floors redone, basement refinished, crumbling driveway fixed and their kitchens reconfigured are hesitant to take on the project because of a misguided belief that time and knowledge is not sufficient! When our clients come to us for a consultation about resurfacing their patio or a floor inside their home, we always see to it that we work fast to minimize their day-to-day life interruptions that concrete resurfacing might create.

This is a glimpse of how we at Northwest Concrete Resurfacing do it and the steps we take for you to have a beautiful floor that you’d enjoy for years to come. But every job is different. The concrete surface’s size, the subfloor or base layer concrete condition and even the weather can affect the timeline of a resurfacing.

Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing


The worse a concrete flooring looks like, the longer it would take for it to be resurfaced. But this isn’t really the case. Northwest Concrete can handle any kind of concrete surface condition, even if it is cracked, riddled with potholes or even stained. You don’t need to tear out your entire driveway, patio, walkway or basement floor. Our concrete professionals can handle the repair of cracks and re-level the existing slab before doing the decorative concrete resurfacing in your design choice. This method saves a lot of money compared to replacing the entire floor with another new slab of concrete. It will also look better. Once you decide to work with us, we can begin the resurfacing process in a few days.


A normal/typical concrete resurfacing job, from the front way to the driveway apron, will take about 3 to 5 days, depending on the weather. This includes the process of levelling out nay high or low points in the concrete, pouring the new coatings and adding the preferred design, color or patterns. If an area is being stained, you won’t be able to use it so we can break the job up into phases so that you’d be able to work on it. It all depends on humidity, temperature and other conditions whether or not you could be able to use the surface area again. Driveways, garage floors and other areas can be used usually after a day that the final touches has been applied and finished.


Our products for concrete resurfacing use a highly modified type of resin and bonding agents which are mixed and used to meet the exact needs of each job. It will stick to virtually any kind of concrete, and adds durability and beauty when it is applied. Even the most complex and elaborate stamped concrete design will hold up well against extreme temperatures for many years ahead. And if in case you want to change it again after a couple of years, we can apply our products again so that you can recreate your concrete area as much as you would want.

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